What Is Sheep leather?

What is Sheep Leather?

sheep leather

Sheep leather is the top-rated leather among all types of leather. Sheepskin leather is derived from the hide of sheep, also known as shearling or lambskin.

Here, I will discuss all the details about sheep leather that you need to know.  So, the next time you can confidently buy products made from pure sheep leather.

How to identify sheep leather?

Sheep leather is the lightest of all commercial leathers and is known for its velvety texture and alluring softness. It can also be identified by its distinct and evenly spaced pores. 

sheep leather

How sheep leather is made?

sheep leather

Unlike common leather, sheepskin is tanned with wool intact. Tanning is the general process of treating hides and skins of animals to produce leather. Tanning hide into leather involves treatment to alter the protein structure of the skin, making it more durable and invulnerable to decomposition, and also possibly coloring (or dyeing) it.

Sheepskin is specified with fleece on one side and leather on the flip side. The side with wool-lined is worn as the interior of attires like jackets, coats, boots, and gloves as it provides insulation and comfort. The woolen interior in wallets, bags, and purses adds more style and décor. You can immediately check out men's coin pouches at Miajee's  made from genuine sheep leather.

On the other hand, the fleece of sheepskin is popular for its insulating characteristics and it is also resistant to static electricity and flame. Wool is also hypoallergenic. It draws perspiration and human sweat away from the body. So keeping the fleece on has its functional properties in addition to its aesthetic look.   

Quality of sheepskin leather

Sheep leather is the leather processed after its fur or fleece is removed from the hide. The quality and durability of sheep leather are determined by several factors, mostly on whether or not, the pelt; which is the back of the hide, is visible or not. Good sheepskin leather is determined by the visibility of the pelt and no seed contamination. Often, seeds from other plants get stuck in the wool of the sheep sometimes even scarring it. Seed contamination is graded on a scale that is discussed below:

  • No visible seed: Seed contamination is not visible.
  • Light seed: Slight seed contamination is visible, typically in the belly regions.
  • Medium seed: Light seed contamination is visible, particularly over significant portions of the leg and belly regions.  
  • Heavy seed: Heavy seed contamination is viewable over a majority portion of the wool, especially the belly and leg regions.
  • Burry: Wool gets burry when it is contaminated with a hard seed. It can damage the skin if not removed before the fleshing process.

Characteristics of sheep leather

Sheep leather, being naturally soft and subtle, offers suppleness and luxurious light-weight that contribute to wearable comfort. Its breathable properties found in its hollow fibers keep it cool in summers and warm in winters. 

Feel (softness)

sheep leather

Sheep leather is very easy to identify by touch due to its buttery softness and delicate nature. Because of its alluring softness, it is the premium choice of leather for the production of winter garments. Over time sheep leather gets even smoother and softer.


The weight of leather signifies its level of comfort. The lighter and thinner the leather, the suppler it generally is. Due to the natural softness and lightweight, sheep leather is widely used for fashion garments such as skirts, pants, trench coats, and jackets. 

Presence of lanolin

Another notable characteristic of sheep leather is the presence of a substance called lanolin which is also found in human skin. The presence of lanolin helps in healing sensitive and inflamed skin. Interestingly, the presence of lanolin in sheep leather gives it anti-bacterial or self-cleaning quality when freshly hung out to dry in the open air.

Flame retardant

Sheepskin leather is flame-resistant, which means it has an element that averts any kind of flammable accidents. For the same reason, it is widely used in aviation interiors, specifically for pilot seats.


The degree of durability of leather signifies its scope of usage. The high durability and resistance of sheep leather make it the best choice for high-end items like intricately woven purses, fashion garments, and handbags. 


Sheepskin leather can outlast any fabric due to its resistibility to the environment. With regular maintenance and care, it shines and gets softer with time. 

Products made from sheepskin leather 

Sheep leather with fur has been used to keep the human race warm for centuries. Due to its softness, it adds the element of comfort and luxury to the products, thus it’s a crowd-pleaser. Sheep leather is used for a wide range of apparels in traditional and Avant-garde styles. It is also a common choice for footwear and upholstery. Sheepskin leather is used for the production of following products:


sheep leather

Sheepskin is exceptionally soft leather that is used in the manufacturing of luxury shoes. Sheep leather with fur is used for the production of boots and slippers because it is extremely comfortable and warm.


sheep leather

Sheep leather is a popular choice for high quality, luxury wallets because of the appealing appearance of its fine grain, its suppleness, and softness.     


sheep leather

Leather gloves of good quality are frequently made using sheepskin leather because of its velvety softness. Its elastic nature helps it in molding to the shape of the hand.  


sheep leather

Despite its lightness, sheepskin leather is highly durable. Its natural elasticity makes it wear and tear-resistant. With regular maintenance, the apparel made from sheep leather last for decades. Its appearance and texture improve with age. 


sheep leather

Sheep leather with wool is widely used for the production of winter coats. These coats are cozy and warm because it has wool on the inside. The softness and lightness of sheep leather make the coats made from it more cozy and comfortable.

Sheepskin leather has a luxurious look and unique softness and feels unlike any other. With its comfort, versatility, and easy maintenance, there is no reason to be sheepish about sheepskin leather