Our Leathercraft Artisans

As one of the leading leather export countries, Pakistan produces premium quality leather and craftsmanship in the world. However, with the rise of mass production, lower cost and higher efficiency has made it rapidly overtake craftsmanship in the last few decades. Leather crafts, with its nature of art and quality, got fall behind.

In Pakistan, there are still many such leather crafts workshops. They are holding the passion of crafts and mastering the art of making the finest leather articles. Whereas, they are struggling with the shrinkage market. With the underpaid incomes, they are finding it extremely challenging to meet ends.

Miajee’s truly believe in the craftsmanship. It is an art that incorporates a sense of ethic individuality and breaks the mundane cycle of conventional fashion trends. With the same enthusiasm, Miajee’s is committed to helping their cause. We create an international forum for them to showcase their art by multiple channels. Through increased global recognition, we are aiming to attract more attentions on their works. As a result, it can help improve their status quo. While continuing the passion in leather crafts, they are able to support the families as well.

Muhammad Salman, one of our artisans, has been working in leather crafts for more than 10 years. He specialises in making small leather goods, like wallets, cardholders. Let’s meet him and listen to his story in the video below.