Racesafe Body Protector Youth Motion 3 Enhanced Equestrian Safety

$383.36 USD

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Body Protector Features:

  • ✓ New navy design.
  • ✓ Latest BETA 2018 level 3 protection
  • ✓ Over 100 individually hinged segments for unparalleled flexibility and range of motion.
  • ✓ MotionGuard multi-foam construction for targeted movement and comfort.
  • ✓ Improved aerated textiles for enhanced breathability.
  • ✓ Redesigned sizing for a precise fit, catering to riders of all ages and sizes.
  • ✓ Hybrid-Air compatibility.
  • ✓ Made in the UK
  • Safety Standard: BETA 2018 (Level 3) & EN13158:2018 (Level 3) protection.
  • Colours: Blue
  • Materials: Breathable Net Outer 100% Polyester
  • Weight: From 550g

Body Protector Description:

The Young Rider Motion3 body protector seamlessly integrates the latest BETA level 3 protection with genuine segmentation, innovative multi-foam technology, advanced breathability, and updated sizing to ensure an impeccable fit at every stage of a rider's development.

Crafted with precision in our UK-based facility, Motion3 ushers in the next generation of equestrian body protection, delivering superior flexibility, comfort, and safety to riders of all ages.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
William Johnson

Safety is paramount when it comes to our children's riding gear, and the Youth Motion 3 delivers. It's a reliable product that offers peace of mind.

Olivia Smith

My young rider won't ride without the Youth Motion 3. It's become an essential part of their riding gear.

Emily Martinez

I can't recommend the Youth Motion 3 enough. It's a top-tier product that ensures the safety and comfort of young riders.

Samuel Davies

The Youth Motion 3 is a top-notch protective vest. It's easy to clean, well-crafted, and offers enhanced safety for young equestrians.

Amelia Carter

This protective vest is a lifesaver for young riders. It's comfortable enough for all-day wear and provides unbeatable safety.

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