Racesafe Body Protector ProRace 1 Racing Safety Innovation

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Body Protector Features:

  • Lightweight Excellence: The ProRace 1.0 is the lightest model in the ProRace series, weighing just 420g. This ensures minimal weight impact while providing Level 1 protection.
  • Professional Jockey's Choice: Preferred by professional jockeys for racing in Level 1 permissible countries, it meets the stringent demands of race riding.
  • Top-Tier Protection: Certified to meet EN13158:2018 Level 1 protection standards, offering reliable safety during races.
  • Cutting-Edge Materials: Crafted using the latest materials and construction techniques to provide unmatched protection without compromising on weight.
  • Double Ventilation: Features a perforated section and breathable net outer layer, facilitating heat dissipation and keeping you cool during intense races.
  • Unmatched Flexibility: Independently hinged sections and elasticated adjustments allow for a unique range of movement, ensuring comfort and agility.
  • Proudly British: Manufactured in Britain with over 50 years of experience and development, guaranteeing quality and craftsmanship.

Body Protector Description:

Introducing the ProRace 1.0, the lightest model in the ProRace lineup, providing Level 1 protection while weighing in at just 420g.This Body Protector is the preferred choice for professional jockeys participating in Level 1 permissible countries. It has been meticulously designed to meet the demanding requirements of race riding, offering remarkable comfort and protection at market-leading weight levels.With EN13158:2018 Level 1 protection, the ProRace 1.0 stands as a symbol of safety and quality. Racesafe has crafted its lightest body protector using the latest materials and construction techniques.Featuring a double ventilation system, this body protector efficiently releases heat through perforated sections and a breathable net outer layer, keeping you cool during intense races.Experience unmatched flexibility and comfort through independently hinged sections and elasticated adjustments tailored for your unique range of movement.Made with pride in Britain, every ProRace 1.0 leaving our Northamptonshire factory reflects over 50 years of experience and development, ensuring the highest standards of craftsmanship and quality.

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Customer Reviews

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Noah White

Impressed with the RACESAFE ProRace 1. This racing safety innovation is a game-changer, offering top-notch protection without compromising comfort or mobility. It's a must-have for any serious jockey looking to prioritize safety in their sport.

Isabella Hall

The RACESAFE ProRace 1 is a true innovation in racing safety. Its design and technology provide unmatched protection for jockeys during races. The combination of materials and engineering ensures that riders can focus on their performance with the peace of mind that they are well-protected.

Oliver Green

The ProRace 1 by RACESAFE is the ultimate choice for jockeys who refuse to compromise on safety, style, and comfort. It's not just a racing vest; it's a symbol of our passion for racing and our dedication to protecting ourselves while doing what we love.

Mia Jackson

RACESAFE has achieved true mastery with the ProRace 1. It's an investment in the relentless pursuit of excellence in racing safety.

Ethan Wright

I haven't come across a racing vest that matches the quality and design of this one. It outshines all others and truly represents excellence.

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