Break Barriers And Create Your Trend

Dare to be a trailblazer and create a style that’s uniquely yours. Our collection of leather products are made for the adventurous spirits like you to redefine the boundaries of conventional fashion. Whether you're hitting the gym, conquering magnificent peaks, exploring city streets, giving away corporate souvenirs or riding the trails, our products are tailor-made for you – make your statement, your mark on the world.

Founded by A Horse Riding Enthusiast

Miajees has been the standard for handmade leather goods for a period of time. Hussain Tahir, a horse-riding enthusiast and the founder of Miajees, created the brand to symbolize his passion for riding through tough terrains with his equine partner. Our founder's devotion to the pursuit of inner harmony through every gallop fuels our collections. With each product, we strive to mirror a rider’s adventurous spirit and the beautiful companionship between a rider and the horse.

How do we work?

We purchase sustainable leather from vetted tanneries through collaborations with leather workshops. Thus, every leather product we sell is handcrafted using ethically sourced leather. Regardless of the design, our artisans have God-given talents to deliver the best results. This is the way we serve our customers with the very best.

We Make Equestrian Fashion Better, Gracefully!

We believe every day on the horse is a new exploration. Miajees is more than just fashion; it's a celebration of the harmony and freedom found when horse and rider move as one.

Every item is a perfect fusion of form and function, crafted with care and a keen eye for detail. From protective riding gear to fashionable clothing and footwear, every product is the exact solution for a specific situation in the saddle and serves the purpose it was made for - providing comfort, safety, and grace.

Join us on this voyage, and shop from our collection that celebrates uninhibited freedom.