Samshield XC Equestrian Riding Helmet

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Color: Matt Black

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Riding Helmet Features:

  • Cutting-Edge Safety: XC helmet features a pure carbon fiber outer shell for exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. Variable-density polystyrene inner shell enhances impact safety.

  • Rock-Solid Stability: Internal "shape memory" comfort foam maintains thickness, while the semi-rigid jugular strap prevents tipping. Hassle-free cleaning with a robust clip system (up to 30°C).

  • Customized Comfort: Rigorous research informs inner-shell design. Two shell sizes (M and L) accommodate 5 to 6 different-sized inner foams for a precise fit (53 to 61 size range).

  • Exceptional Airflow: XC boasts two front air inlets, intelligently directing air away from the forehead. Hot air is expelled through rear extractors, preserving an elegant look without visible inlets.

Riding Helmet Description:

Discover the epitome of safety and style with our cutting-edge Riding Helmet, meticulously designed to ensure your riding experience is both secure and fashionable. Crafted with the utmost precision and advanced technology, this helmet is the perfect companion for riders of all levels.

Superior Safety Materials: The XC helmet's outer shell is meticulously crafted from pure carbon fiber, a cutting-edge composite material renowned for its unmatched strength-to-weight ratio. This ensures exceptional protection. The inner shell features polystyrene with variable density, optimized to efficiently disperse energy upon impact, enhancing overall safety.

Unwavering Stability: Equipped with an internal comfort foam liner designed with "shape memory," the helmet maintains consistent thickness even after years of use. Additionally, a semi-rigid jugular strap eliminates the risk of the helmet tipping during sudden, forceful movements. The innovative clip system, far more robust than traditional scratch or Velcro closures, allows for easy removal and washing (up to 30°C) to ensure a perpetually clean and fresh-smelling helmet.

Perfectly Adjustable for Supreme Comfort: Extensive anthropomorphic research led to the creation of an inner-shell design that guarantees an unparalleled and comfortable fit. The XC helmet offers two shell size options: Medium (M) and Large (L). Each shell can accommodate 5 to 6 different-sized inner foam liners, allowing for precise adjustment to the rider's head. The size grid spans from 53 to 61, accommodating various head sizes and enabling the helmet to grow with young riders.

Exceptional Internal Ventilation: Featuring dual front air inlets, the XC helmet delivers outstanding ventilation. Fresh air is channeled from both the front entrance under the blazon and a unique design that minimizes contact with the rider's forehead. This advanced airflow system expels hot air through rear extractors positioned around the comfort foam liner, preventing perspiration and ensuring comfort even during intense activities.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Amelia Thompson

Samshield has created an XC equestrian helmet that combines innovation, comfort, and top-notch quality, making it a winning choice for riders who are eager to explore the possibilities of safe and stylish cross-country riding.

Jonathan Thomas

This helmet is straightforward to use, fits comfortably, and offers exceptional protection. It's a reliable choice for equestrian enthusiasts seeking safety and style.

Harper Taylor

I've recommended this helmet to fellow riders, and they've been equally impressed with its performance and fashionable XC design.

Joseph Stewart

The XC Equestrian Helmet is a must-have for anyone serious about cross-country riding and wants to enjoy the best protection and style in the saddle.

Abigail Smith

Samshield has crafted a helmet that meets and exceeds the demands of riders who seek perfection and value their safety above all else.

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