Samshield XJ Carbon Riding Helmet

$1,043.29 USD
Color: Black

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Riding Helmet Features:

  • Optimal Safety Materials: The XJ helmet features a pure carbon fiber outer shell, renowned for its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, ensuring top-tier protection.

  • Energy Dissipation: Its inner shell, crafted from variable-density polystyrene, effectively disperses energy upon impact, enhancing safety.

  • Stability and Tilt Prevention: Experience unwavering stability with the XJ helmet. The internal comfort foam, with "shape memory" properties, maintains thickness over years of use, while a semi-rigid jugular minimizes the risk of helmet displacement during sudden movements.

  • Easy Maintenance: The internal comfort foam is easily removable through a robust clip system, providing a more secure option than traditional scratch or Velcro systems. It's also conveniently washable (up to 30°C), ensuring ongoing hygiene and freshness.

Riding Helmet Description:

Ensure safety and style with our cutting-edge Riding Helmet, a must-have accessory for every equestrian enthusiast. Whether you're a seasoned rider or just starting your equestrian journey, this helmet combines advanced technology with a sleek design to provide optimum protection and comfort.

Advanced Safety Materials:

The XJ helmet is engineered with cutting-edge materials to ensure optimal safety. Its outer shell is crafted from pure carbon fiber, a composite material celebrated for its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. Inside, the inner shell is constructed from polystyrene with variable density, enhancing energy dissipation upon impact.

Unparalleled Stability:

Equipped with an internal comfort foam liner featuring "shape memory" technology, this helmet maintains a consistent thickness throughout years of use. Combined with a semi-rigid jugular strap, it effectively eliminates the risk of the helmet shifting during sudden, forceful movements. Additionally, the internal comfort foam is easily removable thanks to a robust clip system, providing a superior alternative to traditional scratch or Velcro closures. This feature allows for effortless cleaning (up to a maximum of 30°C), ensuring a consistently fresh and hygienic riding experience.

Perfect Fit for Unmatched Comfort:

Extensive anthropomorphic research has guided the design of the helmet's inner shell, resulting in an exceptionally comfortable fit. Available in two shell sizes (M and L), each shell can accommodate 5 to 6 inner foam liners of varying sizes, allowing riders to achieve a customized and precise fit. The size range spans from 53 to 61, facilitating adjustments to accommodate a young rider's growth.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Christopher Davis

This helmet is straightforward to adjust and fits comfortably. It's a reliable choice for equestrian enthusiasts seeking top-tier protection.

Emily Cox

I've recommended this helmet to fellow riders, and they've been equally impressed with its performance and style.

Benjamin Cooper

This helmet is a must-have for anyone serious about horseback riding and the pursuit of safety in the saddle.

Mia Collins

Samshield has crafted a helmet that meets and exceeds the demands of riders who seek perfection and value the safety of their head.

Samuel Clark

The XJ Carbon Helmet is a practical and stylish choice for riders who want to make a statement in the equestrian world.

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