Venice Young Evo by Tech Stirrups

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Stirrups Features:

  • Weight: 370g 13oz
  • Tread dimensions: 10,8×5,1cm  4 in
  • Slope: 2,5°
  • Finishing: Shiny


The grip was made on purpose for kids, its 2,5° inclination helps keep heels down.

You can easily replace the pad in case of need.


Stirrups Description:

Discover the exceptional quality and safety features of the Tech Stirrups Venice Young Evo. Expertly crafted with high-quality metal, these stirrups are built to last. With the widest opening available in the market, they provide maximum comfort and stability for young riders. The innovative Tech Stirrups safety mechanism adds an extra layer of protection, ensuring that in the event of a fall, the foot must open the moving part, which then automatically returns to the closed position. Prioritizing rider safety, these stirrups offer peace of mind for young equestrians and their parents. Experience enhanced performance and safety in the saddle with the Tech Stirrups Venice Young Evo.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Zara Lockwood

I recently purchased the Venice Young Evo stirrups by TECH STIRRUPS for my young rider, and they have exceeded my expectations. The sleek design and advanced grip technology provide a secure and stable ride. These stirrups are a must-have for young equestrians looking to improve their performance

Jasper Fitzpatrick

The Venice Young Evo stirrups by TECH STIRRUPS are perfect for young riders starting their equestrian journey. The lightweight design and customizable footbed offer optimal comfort and support. These stirrups have improved my child's riding position and stability.

Tallulah Kensington

I am impressed with the Venice Young Evo stirrups by TECH STIRRUPS. The attention to detail and quality craftsmanship are evident in every aspect. The adjustable footbed and secure grip pads provide a comfortable and secure riding experience for young riders.

Cedric Gallagher

The Venice Young Evo stirrups by TECH STIRRUPS have made a significant difference in my child's riding. The lightweight design and ergonomic footbed promote proper alignment and balance. These stirrups are a great investment for young riders looking to improve their skills.

Aurelia Sinclair

I highly recommend the Venice Young Evo stirrups by TECH STIRRUPS for young equestrians. The adjustable footbed and durable construction make them a reliable choice. The grip pads offer excellent traction, ensuring a safe and secure ride.

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