Trust Sweet Iron Jointed Pelham Bit for Horses

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Bit for Horses Features:

  • Sweet Iron Benefits: Sweet Iron bits, crafted from blue steel, encourage natural saliva production in horses, promoting acceptance and comfort by developing a sweet-tasting surface rust.
  • Easy Rust Maintenance: Sweet Iron bits may develop an orange-brown rust layer when not in use, easily removable with a damp cloth.
  • Pelham Design: Pelham bits feature a curb chain and shanks for leverage, with shank length and curb chain adjustment determining impact strength.
  • Versatile Rein Options: Pelhams can be used with two reins for varied contact—top ring for a soft grip, bottom ring for increased leverage—or with a single rein using a connecting strap (Bridge).
  • For Experienced Riders: Pelham bits are suited for horses needing deeper contact and are best used by experienced riders due to their potential for strong impact.
  • Comfortable Single Joint: Single jointed bits apply pressure to lips, tongue, and layers gently, making them a versatile and comfortable option that puts less pressure on the tongue compared to other designs.

Bit for Horses Description:

Sweet Iron bits are known for their unique properties. Crafted from blue steel, they encourage natural saliva production in horses through contact with saliva, resulting in a sweet-tasting surface rust. This rust, in turn, promotes better acceptance of the bit as it causes the horse to foam more. Bit for Horses, on the other hand, are distinctive for their design, featuring both a curb chain and shanks. These elements work in tandem to create pressure behind the horse's ears and leverage, offering varying degrees of impact strength depending on the length of the shanks and the adjustment of the chin strap or curb chain. Pelhams can be used with two reins, with one rein attached to the top ring for a softer grip and the other to the bottom ring for increased pelham leverage. Alternatively, a connecting strap (Bridge) can be employed with a single rein. Single jointed bits, in contrast, have a hinge point in the middle, exerting pressure on the lips, layers, and sides of the horse's tongue. While they apply slight pressure to the tongue, they are generally gentler on it compared to other bit designs. However, it's worth noting that the slight rise in the middle can potentially cause discomfort in the palate, in which case a double-jointed or straight mouthpiece might be a preferable choice. Overall, a single jointed bit serves as a versatile and comfortable option, suitable for a wide range of horses and riders. However, it's essential to select the appropriate bit type based on your horse's needs and your riding experience. Pelham bits, with their curb chain and shanks, are typically reserved for more experienced riders and stronger horses due to their potential for significant impact.

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Elijah Diaz

If you want a bit that offers control and comfort in equal measure, the TRUST Pelham Bit is the way to go. My horse and I couldn't be happier!

Harper Davis

The TRUST Sweet Iron Jointed Pelham Bit is worth every penny. It's a valuable addition to my tack collection.

Aiden Cox

The jointed design minimizes pressure points in my horse's mouth, making him more relaxed and cooperative.

Mia Collins

I appreciate the craftsmanship and attention to detail that TRUST has put into this bit. It's a top-tier product.

Lucas Clark

The TRUST Pelham Bit has made riding my strong-willed horse much easier. It's truly a remarkable bit.

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