Softshield Advanced Body Protector T-Shirt: Performance and Comfort

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 Body Protector Features:

  • Revolutionary Protection: Softshield combines high-performance t-shirt comfort with an innovative protective exoskeleton, featuring hydrophobic viscoelastic rubber pads for exceptional shock absorption.

  • Strategic Padding: Meticulously placed protective pads, informed by extensive research, target vulnerable impact areas while maintaining freedom of movement.

  • Breathable & Stable: The seamless, ultra-thin fabric offers exceptional breathability and two-way stretch, while intelligent design ensures stability during intense activity.

Body Protector Description:

Introducing Softshield, the pinnacle of high-performance Body Protector t-shirts fused with a revolutionary protective exoskeleton. Crafted with precision, this lightweight and comfortable t-shirt feature seamlessly integrated protective pads, designed to provide optimal shock absorption. The protective pads are meticulously constructed from a hydrophobic viscoelastic nitrile rubber, offering unparalleled impact absorption and slow molecular memory. Each pad is strategically positioned based on extensive traumatological research, targeting the most vulnerable and sensitive areas to impact forces. The independent and disjointed pad system ensures complete freedom of movement without restrictions. The seamless fabric of the t-shirt boasts exceptional breathability, ultra-thin construction, and two-way stretch. It incorporates gradual compression, utilizing the principles of "Body Mapping analysis in Action Activity." This intelligent design guarantees excellent support and maintains the stability of the protective exoskeleton, even during intense impact or falls. Softshield delivers extreme safety without compromising on fit or comfort. Experience the ultimate in protective apparel with Softshield, where performance meets innovation for unrivaled peace of mind.

Attention:  Washing in temperatures above 30° can lead to the damaging and softening of the protective pads. Additionally, there is a sensor on the T-shirt that will change color due to washing in high temperatures and the product will not be covered under warranty anymore. The CE standard in the protector is classified into three categories (chest / spine / other) according to the protection site, It is certified through tests based on the European standard (EN standard).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Olivia Evans

The moment I put on the SOFTSHIELD Advanced Protective T-Shirt, I knew I had found something special. The fit is exceptional, and the comfort level is off the charts. I feel confident and safe wearing it, thanks to the advanced protective features. It's truly a standout product.

Jack Wilson

The SOFTSHIELD Advanced Protective T-Shirt has quickly become my go-to choice for protection and comfort. It's so versatile that I can wear it during workouts, hikes, or even casually. The fabric is incredibly soft and doesn't restrict my movement. It's the ideal combination of performance and style.

William Taylor

This shirt is a true gem! The SOFTSHIELD Advanced Protective T-Shirt is not only comfortable but also exceptionally durable. I've put it through some rigorous workouts, and it has held up perfectly. It's a reliable companion that I trust to keep me safe during any intense physical activity.

Charlotte Brown

I've tried many protective shirts, but none come close to the quality of the SOFTSHIELD Advanced Protective T-Shirt. The fabric is so smooth and gentle, you forget you're wearing protective gear. It's perfect for any activity, and I highly recommend it to all active individuals.

Oliver Williams

The SOFTSHIELD Advanced Protective T-Shirt exceeded my expectations in every way. Not only does it offer advanced protection, but it also feels incredibly soft against my skin. It's like wearing a second skin that keeps me safe and comfortable at all times.

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