Charles Owen AyrBrush Pinstripe Riding Helmet: Unparalleled Style

$549.56 USD

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Riding Helmet Features:

  • Exclusive colored pinstripe
  • Front and rear ventilation
  • Smooth, matte finish with mark-resistant paint
  • Soft GRpx® technology harness
  • Anti-microbial lining reduces odor
  • Washable removable headband
  • Meets multiple safety standards
  • Choice of colors for shell and pinstripes

Riding Helmet Description

CHARLES OWEN AyrBrush Pinstripe: Elevate Your Style and Safety

Discover the elegance of the CHARLES OWEN AyrBrush Pinstripe Riding Helmet, designed to impress riders seeking a sophisticated look. Adorned with an exclusive colored pinstripe, this helmet adds a touch of glamour to the Charles Owen lineup.

Equipped with the same outstanding features as the Ayr8® Plus, including ventilation, GRpx® technology harness, and safety certifications, this helmet combines style with uncompromising performance. Its mark-resistant matte finish requires minimal maintenance, ensuring you can focus on your ride.

Crafted with an impact-absorbing shell reinforced with glass fibers, this helmet offers superior protection. The soft GRpx® technology harness ensures unmatched stability and a comfortable fit, guaranteeing you can ride with confidence.

Featuring front and rear ventilation slots, this helmet keeps you cool during intense rides. Its smooth matte finish is the result of an exclusive mark-resistant paint specially made in Britain for easy maintenance.

The addition of the pinstripe, available in silver chrome, rose gold, or black chrome on the black or navy helmets, creates an unparalleled look that sets it apart in the industry.

The cup headband can be effortlessly removed for cleaning or replaced, ensuring your helmet remains fresh for every ride.

Choose the CHARLES OWEN AyrBrush Pinstripe helmet to elevate your style while prioritizing safety, and enjoy a riding experience that exudes elegance and exceptional performance.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Alice Hughes

The CHARLES OWEN AyrBrush Pinstripe helmet is the best investment I've made for my equestrian gear. The pinstripe design is absolutely stunning, and the helmet's safety features give me peace of mind. It's a perfect blend of style and functionality, making it a must-have for riders who want to look their best while staying safe.

Dylan Mitchell

I feel like a fashion icon every time I wear my CHARLES OWEN AyrBrush Pinstripe helmet. The pinstripe design adds a touch of elegance, and the helmet's safety features provide the utmost protection. It's a winning combination that gives me confidence and style during every ride.

Elsie Roberts

The CHARLES OWEN AyrBrush Pinstripe helmet is a true showstopper. I've received countless compliments on its sleek design and pinstripe pattern. But what truly sets it apart is the level of protection it offers. It's the perfect helmet for riders who want to showcase their style without compromising on safety.

Isaac Kelly

I cannot recommend the CHARLES OWEN AyrBrush Pinstripe helmet enough. It's the epitome of style and safety combined. The pinstripe design is classy and eye-catching, and the helmet's fit and comfort are exceptional. It's a must-have for any rider who wants to make a fashion statement while prioritizing their safety.

Logan Hill

When it comes to style and safety, the CHARLES OWEN AyrBrush Pinstripe helmet is unbeatable. The pinstripe pattern adds a touch of elegance, while the helmet's advanced construction ensures optimal protection. It's a true statement piece that guarantees both fashion and safety in one.

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