Premium Lunging Whip by Fleck

$168.71 USD

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Lunging Whip Features:

  • Telescopic Design: Easily adjust the length of the whip to your preferred range, offering flexibility and convenience during lunging sessions.
  • High-Quality Leather Lash: The durable leather lash provides a responsive and gentle touch, making it ideal for effective communication with your horse.
  • Multi-Adjustable VARIO Grip: Customize your grip for maximum comfort and control, ensuring a secure hold while lunging.
  • Two Size Options: Choose between 200-230cm or 220-250cm lengths to suit your specific needs and training requirements.
  • Model 05070: A reliable and trusted design from FLECK, known for quality equestrian equipment.

Lunging Whip Description:

The CARBON 2-Part Telescopic Lunging Whip, featuring a leather lash and a multi-adjustable VARIO grip, is available in two convenient length options: 200-230cm and 220-250cm. Identified by the model number 05070, this whip offers versatile functionality and superior build quality, ensuring a reliable tool for your equestrian needs. Its telescopic design allows for easy length adjustment, while the leather lash and customizable grip make it a comfortable and effective choice for horse training and communication. Trust in the quality and performance of FLECK's renowned equestrian equipment with the CARBON 2-Part Telescopic Lunging Whip.

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Noah White

I've been using the FLECK Premium Lunging Whip for a while now, and it's a fantastic addition to my training arsenal. It gets the job done.

Isabella Hall

I love the feel of this whip in my hand. It's comfortable to hold and provides excellent control during lunging.

Oliver Green

The FLECK Premium Lunging Whip has made a noticeable difference in my horse's behavior and performance. I can't thank FLECK enough.

Mia Jackson

This whip has improved my confidence as a trainer. It's a dependable tool that I can rely on for precise cues and control.

Ethan Wright

I'm thrilled with the FLECK Premium Lunging Whip. It's a quality product that has helped me achieve better results in my horse's training.

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