Dyon New English Collection Horse Breastplate|Equestrian Excellence

$285.73 USD $317.50 USD
Color: Brown

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Horse Breastplate Features:

Breastplate in slightly square-raised leather with decorative topstitching

• Two additional dee rings for attaching draw or side reins
• 6 cm long elastic bands for comfort
• Snap hooks for attaching to the saddle

Horse Breastplate Description:

Introducing our Premium Horse Breastplate: Unparalleled Quality for Equine Comfort and Style. Elevate your equestrian experience with our exceptional Horse Breastplate, meticulously crafted to provide both superior functionality and a touch of elegance. Designed with the utmost attention to detail, this premium accessory ensures the comfort and safety of your equine companion while enhancing the overall aesthetic of your riding ensemble.

Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Amelia Carter

DYON has achieved true mastery with this gear. It is an investment in the relentless pursuit of excellence in equestrian riding and horsemanship.

Henry Mitchell

I have yet to encounter equestrian gear quite like this breastplate; it outshines all others in terms of quality and style.

Sophia Patel

The DYON New English Collection Breastplate has become an irreplaceable part of my riding gear, enhancing the connection I share with my horse.

Noah White

DYON's unwavering dedication to the bond between rider and horse shines brilliantly through the design and performance of this gear. It stands as a testament to their commitment to the equestrian art.

Isabella Hall

This breastplate is a true game-changer for riders who demand nothing short of the best in their riding gear. It is truly a masterpiece.

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