Black Leather Backgammon Dice Cup with 5 Free Dice

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Leather Backgammon Dice Cup Features:

  • Hand Sewed.
  • Material: genuine cowhide leather and thick thread.
  • Ribbed interior and trip rim.
  • comfortable grip.
  •  5 complimentary dice.
  • Multiple colors and designs 
  • Size: 3.6" tall & 3.1" wide approximately.

Leather Backgammon Dice Cup Description:

A leather backgammon dice cup is a valuable addition to any board game that involves dice. These Dice Cup feature a ribbed interior that reduces the chances of dice rolling off the table or landing unpredictably. Moreover, the leather interior provides a premium feature of quiet shaking.

Yahtzee Dice Cup:

For Yahtzee enthusiasts, a leather dice cup enhances the gaming experience by ensuring fair and accurate rolls. The leather exterior of the cup adds an elegant touch to the game.

Backgammon Dice Cup:

In the game of Backgammon, played with a pair of dice, a leather dice cup maintains random and fair rolls while infusing a touch of class into the gaming experience.

Farkle Dice Cup:

Farkle, a fast-paced game requiring players to roll six dice for points, becomes even more exciting with a Farkle leather dice cup. It introduces an element of randomness and unpredictability to the rolls, along with a touch of elegance and class.

Liar’s Dice Cup:

Liar's Dice, a game of deception and strategy involving five dice and bids, benefits from a leather Liar’s dice cup. It ensures fair and random rolls and maintains the excitement with its quiet shaking due to the ribbed interior.

Craps Dice Cup:

Craps, a two-dice game, demands fair and random rolls for players to succeed. A leather dice cup enhances the gaming experience by adding an element of elegance and preventing cheating or tampering with the dice.

Dungeons and Dragons:

Leather Dice Cups can also be used in the game of Dungeons and Dragons, offering a cheat-proof gaming experience with concealed dice rolls. Additionally, they can introduce style and elegance to the game with various design and color options.

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