Antares Sellier Short Anatomic Girth| Premium Equestrian Gear

$349.70 USD
Color: Black

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Girth Features:

  • Anatomically Designed: This girth features an anatomically shaped design with an accentuated cutout behind the elbows, providing your horse with exceptional comfort and unrestricted movement.

  • Smooth Calf Lining: The girth is lined with smooth calf leather, ensuring a soft and comfortable contact with your horse's skin.

  • Central Attachment D Ring: Equipped with a central D ring attachment point, perfect for securing training aids and accessories, allowing for precise and effective training sessions.

  • Quality Craftsmanship: Crafted to the high standards of ANTARÈS SELLIER, known for their top-quality equestrian gear.

  • Versatile: Suitable for a variety of equestrian disciplines, making it a versatile addition to your tack collection.

Girth Description:

The Antares Sellier  Anatomic Girth is thoughtfully designed with an accentuated cutout behind the elbows, ensuring your horse's comfort and freedom of movement. Its interior is luxuriously lined with smooth calf leather, providing a soft and gentle feel against your horse's skin.

This girth includes a central attachment D ring, making it convenient for securing training aids and accessories, allowing for precise and effective training sessions. Crafted to the impeccable standards associated with ANTARÈS SELLIER, it guarantees top-tier quality and performance.

Whether you're training or competing in various equestrian disciplines, this anatomic girth is a versatile and essential addition to your tack collection, prioritizing your horse's well-being and performance.


Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Noah White

ANTARÈS SELLIER has achieved true mastery with this gear. It is an investment in the relentless pursuit of excellence in equestrian riding and horsemanship.

Isabella Hall

I have yet to encounter equestrian gear quite like this short anatomic girth; it outshines all others in terms of quality and style.

Oliver Green

The ANTARÈS SELLIER Short Anatomic Girth has become an indispensable part of my riding gear, enhancing the comfort and performance of both me and my horse.

Mia Jackson

ANTARÈS SELLIER's dedication to providing exceptional gear shines brilliantly through the design and performance of this accessory. It reflects their commitment to the equestrian art.

Ethan Wright

This short anatomic girth is a true game-changer for riders who demand nothing short of the best in their riding gear. It is truly a masterpiece.

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