AIROWEAR Outlyne Men's Equestrian Body Protector

$411.25 USD

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Body Protector Features:

  • Gender-specific size range
  • Removable and washable outer cover
  • Adjustable sizing on shoulders, chest and waist offers great value and longevity
  • High tensile zip with protectors
  • UltraFlex™ technology foam
  • Lightweight but high impact absorption
  • Close fit that moulds to your body
  • Great rider movement and flexibility

Body Protector Description:

Experience optimal protection and fit with the AIROWEAR Men's Outlyne equestrian body protector. Designed to accommodate different body shapes, our innovative design eliminates the need to reshape your figure, ensuring a tailored fit. The Men's Outlyne features generous cuts across the shoulders and rib cage for enhanced comfort and unrestricted movement. Invest in this high-quality body protector for ultimate rider confidence and long-term use.Discover the scientifically designed Men's Outlyne body protector by AIROWEAR, offering a personalized fit that prioritizes protection without compromising on movement or flexibility. With generous cuts across the shoulders and rib cage, this body protector ensures optimal comfort and freedom of movement for male riders. Experience the pinnacle of safety and performance with the Men's Outlyne by AIROWEAR.

Body protector, AIROWEAR protector, horse riding protectorBody protector, AIROWEAR protector, horse riding protector

How to fit a body protector

Airowear body protectors have been designed to fit every rider, regardless of shape, size, age or gender, into a perfectly fitted body protector right off the shelf.

With the many sizes and styles available within our range, we suggest reviewing the following guide to ensure that you find the best model and size to suit your body type and personal preferences.


Our women’s body protectors include a wide range of features which allow for all body types with a range of back lengths. This allows petite, plus-sized, curvy or tall riders to all fit into the range with ease. Our body protectors are created to comfortably accommodate the bust as the chest measurement increases without changing the back length to be sure that the body protector fits correctly.


Our men’s body protector range reflect the typical features of a man’s body shape, taking into consideration tailoring over the shoulders and offering a generous cut across the rib cage. As the chest sizes increase, back lengths can remain the same to ensure that the body protector remains proportionate.


Young riders have the opportunity to be fitted in the body protector that best suits their needs as they grow up in the saddle. Our kids body protectors offer standard sizes for those whose chest and waist measurements are the same and are sized with approximate age ranges. They are also available in short, regular, long and extra-long back lengths.


Teenagers also have unique sizing within our body protector range to provide a neat fit. Our adjustable body protectors are designed to accommodate a growing teenager.


Body protector, AIROWEAR protector, horse riding protector


Your body protector should be fitted over light clothing and heavier garments worn over the top.


Take the chest and back length measurements and select the corresponding size from within the chart. A women’s fit may be better achieved by choosing one size smaller than the actual chest measurement.


Before trying on, loosen the chest and waist straps of the body protector. Once on, insert thumbs into the armholes to bring the two panels together to make it easier to zip the body protector.


Fasten the adjustable straps so that a snug but comfortable fit is achieved, ensuring the contrast orange velcro markers are covered. This step will determine whether a smaller or larger size is required because if the orange cannot be completely covered, the body protector is too small. If the velcro fastenings cannot be closed enough to ensure a snug fit, then the body protector is too large.


Adjust the shoulders so the neckline lies flat against the body. If this cannot be achieved, a shorter back length may be needed.


If possible, check the back length by sitting on a saddle and ensuring there is approximately a hand’s width between the saddle and base of the body protector. At the front, the body protector should reach the breastbone at the top and cover the bottom rib at mid-chest by approximately 2.5 cm but should not cover the belly button.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Seraphina Vale

I'm impressed with the AIROWEAR Outlyne Men's Equestrian Body Protector. It strikes the perfect balance between comfort and safety. The sleek design allows for a streamlined fit, and the breathable materials prevent overheating. Whether you're riding competitively or for pleasure, this body protector is a wise investment.

Sterling Fox

I've tried several body protectors, but the AIROWEAR Outlyne Men's Equestrian Body Protector stands out from the rest. The adjustable straps ensure a snug fit, and the lightweight yet sturdy construction provides excellent impact protection. It's a reliable choice for male riders concerned about safety.

Luna Blackwood

The AIROWEAR Outlyne Men's Equestrian Body Protector is a fantastic investment for any male equestrian. The ergonomic design and flexible construction allow for unrestricted movement, and the certified protection offers reassurance in the saddle. It's comfortable to wear, making it suitable for long hours of riding.

Xander Ashcroft

I can't recommend the AIROWEAR Outlyne Men's Equestrian Body Protector enough. It's a well-engineered product that offers peace of mind while riding. The adjustable straps provide a tailored fit, and the high-quality materials ensure durability. It's a must-have for male riders looking for top-tier protection.

Juniper Willowbrook

I recently purchased the AIROWEAR Outlyne Men's Equestrian Body Protector, and it's exceeded my expectations. The innovative design ensures a secure fit, and the breathable materials keep me cool during long rides. It's lightweight and doesn't restrict movement, allowing me to perform at my best.

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