Stories Behind Our Incredible Designs

True craftsmanship is akin to art, and indeed, functional art.We value what customers value, we care what customers care.Thus, Miajee's create artistic designsby exploring customers' exceptions to improve lifestyle.All our designs have their stories that give birth to them,and elevate their souls in the timeless art.

Vulcan - Leather Wallet with Detachable Cardholder

Have you ever had the experience of searching the cardholder in your bag so urgently but your cardholder was just playing “hide-and-seek” with you? Did you expect that owning a cardholder can slim down your pocket, while it turned out that you still have to keep a wallet for some reasons. And it makes your pocket even more bulky.  The root cause is that your cardholder is not compatible with your wallet.

Miajee’s Vulcan wallet is designed with an extra detachable cardholder, which is able to fit inside the wallet compactly. For a quick drink? Just grab the cardholder and go. Other times when you are not sure which one to take? Do not worry, simply insert back the cardholder, grab the wallet and go. It will not make your pocket bulky due to its compact design. This design gives you full flexibility to choose the way you like.

Duffel Bag with Shoe Compartment

With the rising trend of travel, no matter for business need or leisure, each person takes, on average, 6.5 flights in one year. While packing for the journey, almost everybody is facing with the same question – how to arrange their extra pair of shoes nicely in the luggage.

Miajee’s Shoe Duffel Bag is designed to solve this headache. It has one separate shoe compartment that allows you to easily keep your shoe, away from other clothes, which you can keep in the spacious main compartment. It also has a slit pocket to keep your shoe polish accessories, easy for you to find it when needed. So you can travel comfortably on your next journey.