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A Minimalist Guide Towards Freedom

In this day and age, every individual wants freedom. Some want freedom of speech, others want freedom of the press, but some only want a little freedom in their pockets. Carrying a massive wallet with years old junk has forced people to demand this freedom. This freedom can only be obtained through a minimalist wallet. Now you might be wondering what a minimalist wallet is? A Minimalist wallet is a type of wallet that is composed in a way that reduces the encumber in your wallet by 50%, making mobility easier. A minimalist wallet wouldn’t serve any benefit if you cram it with years-old junk. It is essential that you systemize your minimalist wallet for effective use. 

In recent years, we have stepped into a more developed and advanced world. With changing times, the necessities of individuals are also changing. In an age where the use of technology has become widespread, carrying a traditional bulky bi-fold has become obsolete. A number of individuals still face difficulty in carrying minimum items, and they end up with a cumbersome wallet in their pockets.

Are you struggling to keep your wallet clean? Is it troublesome to carry an enormous wallet in your pocket? Then this is the right place for you. This article will provide you the guidance for using a minimalist wallet more effectively:

  • Minimize the commodities.
  • Resort to technology.
  • Limit the number of cards.
  • Get a minimalist wallet.

Minimize the Commodities

Why do you have to systemize your wallet? Carrying a minimalist wallet with all the junk wouldn’t be any different from carrying a traditional, bulky bifold. Cleaning and decluttering your wallet has numerous advantages, such as reducing potential security risks and reducing unnecessary bulk in your wallet. 

“Less stuff equals more freedom” -Maxime Lagact

This quote makes a lot of sense in our scenario. The last thing we want is to carry a heavy, bulky wallet in our pockets. To attain maximum freedom, we will have to carry minimum stuff. We are in a habit of carrying loads of items whenever we step out. 

The majority of the people end up stuffing year-old receipts, and coupons in their 


In some cases, people treat their wallets as a photo album, cramming hundreds of family pictures. 

It is not possible that we utilize every crumbled receipt and year-old coupons that exist in our wallets. Especially the family pictures squeezed in the wallet don’t provide any benefit. To eliminate that, it is essential to take notice of our necessities and push off the un-necessities. It’s about time that we toss the junk away. After throwing the flotsam and jetsam, you will experience the joy of embracing a minimalistic approach, and this will allow you to do away with the habit of carrying unnecessary items.

Resort to technology

We usually associate phones with Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc, but there are many other positive uses of phones. Today, technology has allowed everything to be trouble-free and straightforward. Taking pictures of important items like coupons, business cards, and receipts is like carrying these items without feeling the burden in your pocket.

Not everything can be thrown away. There are some cards, coupons, and receipts which can sometimes come in handy depending on where you go. Taking pictures of these items will help you with your serenity. For your convenience, you can ask the cashier to email you the receipts or coupons. As a result, you can easily save these items in your phone gallery or any app you prefer. 

We at Miajee’s highly recommend Smart Receipts. This app will help you to save your important receipts and have easy access. 

minimalist wallet

You also don’t need physical cards or bills to pay someone, bills can be paid electronically. Many stores and restaurants also accept payments electronically. You can take advantage of apps like android pay and apple pay to pay another person. Enter the amount you need to pay, touch their phones to yours, and the amount will be transferred.

If you are the person who has stored numerous different passwords in your wallet, then you can utilize Lastpass Password Manager. This app will help you access important passwords anytime. You can also use Camcard Free to save your business cards. Making use of technology can result in less of a challenge and provide extra space in your wallet.

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Limit the Number of Cards

Even Though technology can be useful in saving receipts and coupons, it is not convenient in the case of credit cards/debit cards/ ID cards. Credit cards and debits cards have to be physically present. 

Business cards, countless credit cards, debit cards, work access cards, and transport cards are some of the cards that we carry in our wallets. Frankly speaking, we don’t employ all the cards. Only 3-4 essential cards are used frequently. 

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There are many different cards that you can keep in a safe place. For example, you should always leave your social security at home. It is important to leave your social security home because if it gets stolen it can lead to security theft. Social security is only nine digits and should be memorized. Identity cards like driver's license, or social security cards shouldn’t be in your wallet unless you need them. This will help protect your identity and clean your wallet. Passwords should be memorized and should not be kept in your wallet. Receipts should be left at home or saved on your phone as mentioned above. You also don't need to carry numerous coins as it will lead to a heavy, bulky wallet. 

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You should carry 1-2 credit cards, 1-2 debit cards. Leave the rest of your cards in a safe place. Subsequently, you will have increased space in your wallet. In the beginning, it might be challenging to not carry all the cards, but you will see how effective it is to minimize your wallet

Get a Minimalist Wallet 

Now that we have gone through the techniques of minimising the substances of the wallet, it’s time to associate yourself with the new minimalist men's wallet. 

minimalist wallet

Why Choose A Minimalist Wallet?

Nowadays people prefer minimalist wallets due to the immense benefits offered. 

Minimalist wallets are thin enough so that you can carry other items in your pocket. If you are carrying a minimalist wallet in your front pocket, you can also carry other items like a cellphone in the same pocket as the wallet helps in making your pocket spacious. 

Minimalist wallets can significantly reduce back problems. Carrying a bulk of items in your wallet can lead to serious back problems. Heavy wallets put pressure on back muscles, and sitting on these wallets can result in different kinds of body problems.

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Utilizing a minimalist wallet can help your cards last longer. Sitting on your cards can result in old and frazzled cards. Getting a front pocket wallet can increase the durability and endurance of your cards. 

Minimalist wallets are trendy and presentable. You will no longer feel ashamed to use an old, worn-out billfold. With a minimalist wallet, you can achieve an up-to-date and decent lifestyle.

Where to Choose A Minimalist Wallet?

With time every item is being modified. That being the case, the traditional bifold has become out of fashion. A few decades back, it was a trend to carry a fat, bulky wallet in your pocket, but now men prefer thin and smaller wallets for a better lifestyle. If it is challenging for you to dissociate yourself from the traditional billfold, Don’t Panic. We at Miajee’s have up to the minute billfolds.

minimalist wallet
minimalist wallet

For men who prefer an elegant and polished lifestyle, Miajee’s minimalist wallet would be the best choice for you. 

For a sophisticated, and graceful lifestyle, Miajee’s offers a collection of leather wallets which also includes a alligator leather wallet.

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Miajee’s vulcan wallet is also in high demand as they update your lifestyle and make living simpler.   

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If you are successful in following these steps, you are on your way to tidying and organizing your wallet. These guidelines will assist you to remove the cast-offs from your wallet and save you from the unattractive mess. Sprucing up your wallet can lead to a simple and minimalist lifestyle.

minimalist wallet

Chop chop, it's time to associate yourself with a minimalist wallet. It will make you fall head over heels with the new slim lifestyle.