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10 Tips for Packing and Travelling Like A Minimalist

Packing light is challenging but worth it. If you pack smarter and light, your life will be comfortable while on the go. You'll feel a free spirit like a bird; fly wherever you want. And did I tell you, a minimalist approach while packing keeps you comfortable and more mobile? Cramming your stuff in compact-sized bags can help you save some bucks and skip baggage claims' long queue. You can add up a list of adventurous points to your trip to explore. I have met people who are not satisfied until they haul their way-too-huge backpacks to their fullest capacity. This is crazy! While lugging around with a huge backpack, they curse and finally swear to themselves to never pack like that again! I am a frequent traveler, so I have been through all the phases. In the beginning, I was clueless and nervous about slipping anything. So, I packed like I was nuts, hauling my bag jam-packed with almost everything in the house. I have suffered adversely with the perks of overpacking, which was a rough ride. Now I travel like a pro with a carry-on bag to make my venture light and comfortable. And most importantly, I don't miss a thing! Fascinated by the minimalist approach? Stick to this article for the tips and tricks of packing light for a thrilling journey.


1. Kick-Off Packing Early

full-grain leather duffel bag

Packing seems like a frantic last-minute attempt, but it's an organized way of putting all the necessary bits and bobs for traveling together in a bag. Chaotic, rushed, and disorganized packing will always keep you busy looking for your things on the trip. Packing early provides you time to follow your train of thoughts, to strategize and pack purposefully. Take out a few moments every day to layout things you may want to take along a week before traveling. Put the items you consider taking along aside as you come across them. In this way, your slowly accumulating pile might end up with lots of things. A day or two before traveling, you can always shortlist them before packing. This strategy will help you consider what you want to keep and what you want to remove. In this way, you won't miss a thing! It's better to pack all your accumulated stuff in an organized manner 48 hours before traveling. And it's always wise to leave some room for the last moment stuff.


2. Pick The Right Bag

full-grain leather duffel bag

Be on the driver's seat and choose the right bag for your venture because you can't pack well if you didn't select the traveling bag and accessories wisely. The wise way to avoid overpacking is to choose the appropriate and compact size of the bag. Traveling light is the smart choice for a short trip. If you'll opt for overnight bags, it will minimize the temptation of adding more things. And you'll end up prioritizing or shortlisting the things to take along.


3. Backpack Or Duffel Bag?

A full-grain leather duffel bag can hold pretty much everything because it is spacious and sturdy. This leather weekender bag is perfect if you tend to stay for a weekend or plan a short trip. It's pretty-doable because such bags are easily adjustable and flexible for an exciting holiday. Whereas a backpack is versatile. You can carelessly swing it on your back while hiking or climbing as well. It's very convenient and trouble-free; you can squish it under your seat or secure it in a locker. Many travel backpacks come with versatile and stylish features to keep you organized and easy on the go. Also, you can find best leather duffel bags at Miajee's.


4. Bring Versatile Items

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To attain a minimalist approach for packing, you should know how to separate your wants from your needs. Layout all of your gear in front of yourself and omit all the unnecessary stuff. Think twice about anything you'll use only a few times on the whole trip. Keep in mind you can often find a cheaper temporary fix instead of carrying something for a one or two-time use only. Remember, there are shops in every corner of the world, even in remote areas. If you forget to carry something, you can buy it on the way to your destination. One shouldn't pack at the eleventh hour; it is always advised to pack a day before because you might end up packing your bag too full in panic and chaos. And there is one more thing to remember while packing, that is to keep a quarter of your bag vacant. It makes loading and unloading easier. And this spare space can be used to bring along gifts and souvenirs on your way back.


5. Create A Checklist of Your Essentials

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A fixed checklist of essentials should be prepared before-hand. This list remains the same no matter where you are headed and despite the difference in temperature. It contains all such belongings which cannot be packed until the last day, such as charger, medications, power bank, ear pods, and contacts. The list varies from person to person according to their priorities. It should include everything you need when you are out to explore. I go through the list just 30minutes before embarking on my journey, to make sure that I do not forget anything. Make sure to utilize every nook and corner of your bag by stuffing all the last hour essentials.


6. Pack A Capsule Wardrobe

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It's better to carry as minimum clothing articles as possible when you are on a traveling spree. And for light traveling, a capsule wardrobe can be very fruitful. It's a trendy name for a small collection of clothes that can be mixed and matched. It's a compact-sized wardrobe that leaves the room for other essentials. If all the clothes you are carrying go very well together, then picking an outfit every morning becomes a breeze. A minimalist always strives to limit the stuff for packing according to the length of the trip. If you want to pack like a minimalist, a successfully crafted capsule wardrobe is the smart choice.


7. Packing Techniques

Pick versatile clothing, and it's better not to carry too many clothes. You can use these simple hacks while packing: ● Fold your clothes in a way so that they acquire as minimum room as possible. ● Stuff your hat with socks to keep its shape intact. ● It is suggested to roll or fold your clothes in a way to keep them intact and compressed. ● Roll your belt around the collar of your shirt, which makes room for many other things. ● Put small cord, rings, and small jewellery in your glasses case. ● Put your shoes at the bottom of your bag and stuff it with socks.

full-grain leather duffel bag

8. Which Gadgets to Bring Along?

Digital nomads pack a lot of gear to capture all the scenic beauty and special moments on the go. Such travelers cannot survive a day without their gadgets because they tend to click and capture everything they see or every place they visit. Their traveling bags include a lot of digital gear such as their laptop, DSLR, camera, etc. They can also be minimalist with the utilization of versatile backpacks. Many backpacks are designed to provide enough room for the gadgets and secure them tightly.

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9. Sort Your Toiletries

The best way to sort your toiletries is to consolidate them according to your personal preference. You can further simplify by packing small make-up samples and using traveling packs or miniatures of shampoo, body wash, and other essentials. Try to bring a few necessary cosmetics or lip balms and cleansers on your trip. Travel size toiletries are very convenient to carry with your luggage. You can tuck them in a toiletry travel pouch that will be easily available in time of need. And there is no need to stack them back in your bag; you can consume and throw the empty bottles.

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10. Pack for A Rainy Day

One should always be ready to face any uncertainties because life is very unpredictable. While packing for traveling it is suggested to keep some extra bucks in your front pocket wallet. You can use a minimalist leather wallet or a slim leather wallet. It is trendy as well as useful to keep all your essentials like:

● Passport

● ID card

● Credit card

● Cash

It keeps all your important cards together in separate holders.

full-grain leather duffel bag

Extra bucks are essential to keep to be used in case of emergency or uncertainty. A lot of mishaps and catastrophes occur due to adverse changes in temperature. One should be prepared for such situations.

Final Note

Minimalism is all about simplifying everything you do. And traveling like a minimalist means packing your bag with limited or only necessary essentials before embarking on your journey. A minimalist traveler requires lots of dedication and the ability to separate his needs from wants. Use the hacks I have enlisted above to achieve the minimalist mindset for traveling. It's trending nowadays! So, embark on your exciting journey and hit all the lands and mountains.