Young Line Grasso Long Rider Boots by Sergio Grasso

£520.00 GBP £577.00 GBP
Color: Black-(3 Swarovski Crystals
Height/Calf Width:

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Long Rider Boots Features:

  • Upper
  • Real leather.
  • Lining
  • Real leather.
  • Front
  • Front fastening with elastic laces.
  • Fastening
  • Rear zip.
  • Form
  • Round.
  • Sole
  • SG Young® Technology
  • More informations
  • Elastic panel underneath the leather.
  • Suggested for
  • Jumper riders.

 Long Rider Boots Description:

Experience the hallmark quality and excellence of Sergio Grasso with the Long Rider Men's Boots, now tailored specifically for young riders. Introducing a dedicated line crafted exclusively for the youth, designed to grow with them. This innovative technology, featured in the Long Rider Boots, allows the same boot to adapt and change into two different sizes, ensuring a perfect fit as young riders continue to develop.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Sophia Patel

"Every time my child wears the Young Line Grasso Long Boots, I'm reminded of why they fell in love with riding. They're a true gift to young equestrians."

Noah White

"SERGIO GRASSO has truly elevated youth equestrian footwear to a whole new level with the Young Line Grasso Long Boots. They're a work of art."

Isabella Hall

"The Young Line Grasso Long Boots are more than just riding gear; they're a symbol of my child's commitment to excellence in the sport."

Oliver Green

"I can't imagine my child riding in any other boots now that they've experienced the Young Line Grasso Long Boots by SERGIO GRASSO. They're simply unparalleled."

Mia Jackson

"These boots have set a new standard in youth equestrian footwear. They're a must-have for young riders who demand the best in comfort and style."

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