Walk & Ride Long Riding Boots by Sergio Grasso

£625.00 GBP £694.00 GBP
Color: Black/Blue

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Long Riding Boots Features:

  • Upper
  • Calfskin Nappa.
  • Lining
  • Calfskin Nappa.
  • In the saddle
  • SG Ultratech.
  • Available on some models, this patented solutionmade with an innovative non-slip material, ensure perfect anchorage when jumping
  • Rear
  • Reinforced elastic.
  • Zip protection and spur rest.
  • Front
  • Front fastening with elastic laces.
  • Fastening
  • Rear zip.
  • Cut
  • Spanish.
  • Form
  • Round
  • Sole
  • Vibram® non-slip, Walk&Ride® technology.

Long Riding Boots Description:

Experience the perfect fusion of technology and style with "Energy," the cutting-edge, high-performance Long Rider Boots crafted by renowned Italian boot makers, Sergio Grasso. These long riding boots represent a new era of comfort, offering an innovative riding experience that will elevate your performance to new heights. Energy boasts a stunning ergonomic design, meticulous finishes, and the use of premium quality leather and materials, ensuring both functionality and a touch of elegance. Their versatility and feather-light construction make them the ultimate choice for riders seeking the perfect balance of comfort and performance. With a wide range of height and calf options available in each size, as well as four distinct color choices, you'll find the ideal fit and style to match your unique preferences. Discover the future of riding with Energy by Sergio Grasso.

Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Ashley Murphy

"Every time I wear my Walk & Ride Long Boots, I'm reminded of how they've simplified my life as an equestrian. They're a true asset to riders who value efficiency."

Samuel Moore

"SERGIO GRASSO has truly elevated equestrian footwear to a whole new level with the Walk & Ride Long Boots. They're a work of art in versatility."

Evelyn Mitchell

"The Walk & Ride Long Boots are more than just riding gear; they're a symbol of adaptability and efficiency in the equestrian world."

William Martin

"I can't imagine wearing any other boots now that I've experienced the Walk & Ride Long Boots by SERGIO GRASSO. They're simply unparalleled in versatility."

Samantha Lopez

"These boots have set a new standard in equestrian footwear. They're a must-have for riders who demand the best in comfort and versatility."

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