Vestrum Perugia Dressage Saddle Pad: Elegance in Riding

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Saddle Pad Features:

  • Weight: 780 g
  • color: BLUE NAVY,BLACK
  • size: T.U.
  • season: SPRING SUMMER
  • made in: ITALY
  • composition: 100%Poliestere


Saddle Pad Description:

Discover the ultimate dressage Saddle Pad - Perugia by Vestrum. Crafted for durability and color stability even under high temperatures, this pad is the perfect choice for riders seeking exceptional resilience. Its anatomically shaped design promotes the horse's suppleness and enhances back activity, ensuring a comfortable and unrestricted riding experience. Choose Perugia and elevate your dressage performance to new heights.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
William Thompson

This Dressage Saddle Pad is a game-changer! The VESTRUM Perugia Dressage Saddle Pad elevates our riding experience with its elegance and performance. I'm proud to use it, and it's a stunning addition to our dressage attire.

Emma Taylor

I can't get enough of the VESTRUM Perugia Dressage Saddle Pad. It's the perfect combination of elegance and practicality. The pad stays in place, and the horse's back seems more relaxed during our dressage sessions.

Noah Smith

I am thoroughly satisfied with the VESTRUM Perugia Dressage Saddle Pad. It's a beautiful and functional accessory that enhances my dressage rides. My horse loves the comfort it provides, and I love the elegant look it adds to our performance.

Elizabeth Scott

The VESTRUM Perugia Dressage Saddle Pad is a must-have for riders who appreciate elegance in riding. The pad's construction is top-notch, and the sleek design adds a touch of sophistication to our dressage arena.

Gabriel Roberts

I highly recommend the VESTRUM Perugia Dressage Saddle Pad for any dressage enthusiast. The elegance of its design is eye-catching, and the pad's performance is equally impressive. It's a true asset to our dressage training.

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