Precision Y Noseband Horse Bridle by Antares Sellier

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Horse Bridle Description:

The "Precision" Noseband Horse Bridle by Antares Sellier offers exceptional comfort and control for horses, thoughtfully designed in collaboration with veterinarians and osteopaths. The headpiece, aptly named "Precision," is ingeniously crafted to release pressure from the first cervical vertebrae, ensuring maximum comfort and avoiding the discomfort that may arise from conventional headpieces on the horse's nape. This headpiece is approved by the FEI for use in the Jumping, Eventing, and Dressage disciplines.

The bridle's Y noseband, a patented design, is tailored to optimize control over the horse's mouth and jaw movements. Its unique shape combines elements of Figure 8 and drops noseband, making it suitable for both strong and delicate horses, helping to maintain contact with the bit while avoiding undue pressure on the nostrils and pinching at the mouth's corners.

Crafted from premium French full-grain leather, specifically chosen and developed for ANTARÈS by the esteemed tannery Arnal in Rodez, France, the bridle boasts impeccable quality. The hides used undergo strict scrutiny regarding width and density, and they undergo a vegetable tanning process utilizing chestnuts to ensure longevity and prevent stretching. The leather's natural grain remains unaltered during the tanning and finishing stages, preserving its exclusive softness and unmatched durability.

Available in two classic colors, Brown with cream stitching and Black with black stitching, the bridle is accented with stainless ANTARÈS buckles, adding to its overall elegance. The package does not include reins, allowing riders the flexibility to choose their preferred style. With the "Precision" bridle, riders can confidently provide their horses with the utmost comfort and control during various equestrian activities.

Customer Reviews

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Mia Edwards

This bridle is a testament to Antarès Sellier's dedication to excellence. The Precision Y Noseband design is innovative and distributes pressure evenly, ensuring my horse's comfort and performance. It's a top-quality bridle that I highly recommend to fellow equestrians.

Alexander Diaz

I received the Precision Y Noseband Bridle as a gift, and it's hands down the best present ever! The craftsmanship is superb, and it fits my horse like a dream. It's clear that Antarès Sellier puts passion and expertise into their products.

Olivia Davis

If you want a bridle that combines beauty and functionality, look no further! The Precision Y Noseband Bridle by Antarès Sellier is a work of art. It not only complements my horse's appearance but also enhances our communication and connection.

Samuel Cox

My horse is my pride and joy, and I spare no expense when it comes to his comfort and well-being. The Precision Y Noseband Bridle is worth every cent! It fits perfectly, looks stunning, and my horse appears more content and focused.

Isabella Collins

This bridle has taken my riding experience to a whole new level. The Precision Y Noseband design is innovative and effective, and the leather is incredibly soft and durable. I couldn't be happier with my purchase.

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