Marathippo Endurance Horse Saddle by Gaston Mercier

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Horse Saddle Features:

  • Proven Versatility: The Marathippo, as the original model in its tenth version, embodies a legacy of experience and innovation. This saddle is exceptionally versatile, accommodating various riding styles and disciplines, including flatwork, jumping, hiking, and endurance riding.
  • Evolved Design: Through continuous refinement, the Marathippo saddle maintains a standardized and polished design. Its well-thought-out construction ensures comfort and performance, making it suitable for both aspiring young riders and seasoned professionals.
  • Progressive Learning: With the Marathippo, riders of all levels can embark on a journey of progress across multiple equestrian disciplines. Its adaptability and balance support skill development, helping riders advance in their chosen areas of riding expertise.
  • Quality Assurance: Gaston Mercier's renowned craftsmanship and quality are synonymous with the Marathippo saddle. It grants riders access to the brand's expertise and assurance without compromise, offering a dependable and lasting investment in their equestrian journey.
  • Accessibility for All: The Marathippo saddle makes Gaston Mercier's craftsmanship and quality accessible to a wide range of riders, from passionate beginners to seasoned professionals. It bridges the gap, ensuring that everyone can benefit from the brand's expertise.

    Seat Color:

    Flap Color:

    Highlights of the saddle Marathippo    

    • His versatility: outdoor - career
    • Saddle paddle thanks to the robustness of the leathers and to all its buckling
    • Simple and efficient school saddle, ideal for beginners on horseback
    • Its saddle omelet to modulate the fixity of your leg while passing the stirrup under or on the quarter
    • Attractive price while preserving the comfort of your horse

    Technical specifications

    • Average weight: 4.7 kg
    • Composite fiberglass tree
    • Mono district
    • Low V-banding
    • Stretched and seamless seat
    • Soft front cleats

    Possible customizations

    • 3 seat sizes from 16.5 to 18
    • 3 seat depths: semi-hollow, hollow or very hollow
    • Arcade withers: 6 sizes to choose from
    • Bloods separated from the neighborhood mounted on an omelette for a passade of stirrups inside or outside
    • Panels tailored to your horse
    • Fabric panels 3D Comfort Line
    • Quilted seat
    • Choice of colors for all parts of the seat: seats, quarters and edging
    • 10 points of luggage and accessories

    Possible options

    • Carbon Tree
    • Hollow seat
    • Sheathed horn
    • Custom attachment points

    Used materials

    • Full grain leather double tanning
    • Zinc plated steel screws

    Horse Saddle Description:

    Introducing the Marathippo, a truly versatile and rugged school Horse Saddle that stands as the flagship of our range. Now in its remarkable tenth version, it embodies the culmination of all our years of experience and innovation. Designed to excel in flatwork, jumping, hiking, and endurance riding, the Marathippo is the ultimate companion for riders seeking progress in various equestrian disciplines. With a standardized and meticulously refined design, it offers a pathway for both aspiring young enthusiasts and seasoned professionals to immerse themselves in our world without compromising on the quality and guarantees that define all our products. At Gaston Mercier, we are proud to make our expertise and top-notch quality accessible to riders of all levels, ensuring that everyone can benefit from our unparalleled know-how.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 30 reviews
    William Anderson

    I'm impressed with the Marathippo's durability and performance. It has become an integral part of my endurance riding adventures.

    Sophia Hughes

    The Marathippo Endurance Saddle has quickly become an essential part of my riding gear. I wouldn't ride without it.

    Ethan Hill

    I'm ecstatic about the Marathippo Saddle's comfort and performance. It has exceeded all my expectations.

    Lily Hayes

    This saddle is a fantastic investment in my riding journey. It's effective, durable, and worth every cent.

    Logan Harris

    The Marathippo Endurance Saddle is a must-have for any serious endurance rider. It's a game-changer in every sense.

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