Lemieux X-Grip Silicone Euro Jump Square: Enhanced Saddle Pad

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Saddle Pad Features:

  • Machine washable on normal 30 degree cycle.
  • Advised to wash in a wash bag
  • Pull into correct shape whilst damp to maintain shape during drying.
  • Please ensure the washing machine drum is large enough to safely accommodate the pad size.
  • Please ensure all velcro is closed firmly prior to washing.
  • Air dry away from heat source (do not tumble).
Saddle Pad, Horse Saddle Pad, Riding Saddle Pad
Saddle Pad, Horse Saddle Pad, Riding Saddle Pad

Saddle Pad Description:

Experience the ultimate in style and performance with the Lemieux X-Grip Silicone Euro Jump Square. This square combines the iconic Lemieux cut with the innovative X-Grip silicone design, ensuring superior Saddle Pad stability and grip during rides.

Under the saddle area, the Memory Foam provides exceptional comfort and shock absorbency for both horse and rider. The blast foam core undergoes a special process, where hot air is forced through the memory foam under pressure, creating a highly breathable, supportive, and lightweight perforated material.

The EuroJump design is a remarkable collaboration with Scott Brash, the world's number 1 showjumper, ensuring a perfect fit for modern jumping saddles. The square is designed with a high cut wither and a swept-up back to prevent catching the rider's leg.

To enhance comfort, the square is lined with super soft Bamboo, which absorbs and controls sweat, providing a comfortable and secure riding experience. The wider girth keepers incorporate three inner locking loops, offering multiple girthing options for a personalized fit.

Experience the pinnacle of equestrian excellence with the LEMIEUX X-Grip Silicone EuroJump Square, where style, performance, and comfort unite in harmony.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
James Thomas

I am thoroughly impressed with the LEMIEUX X-Grip Silicone EuroJump Square. It's a high-quality product that enhances my jumping performance. The silicone grips are a brilliant addition, making it a top choice for any serious jumper.

Grace Stewart

The LEMIEUX X-Grip Silicone EuroJump Square is a must-have for every show jumper. The silicone grips keep me securely in place, and the square provides excellent cushioning for my horse. It's a winning combination.

Michael Simmons

This EuroJump Square is exceptional! The LEMIEUX X-Grip Silicone EuroJump Square not only looks great but also delivers on its promise of enhanced performance. I'm very satisfied with my purchase.

Emma Scott

I'm so glad I chose the LEMIEUX X-Grip Silicone EuroJump Square. It's beautifully made, and the silicone grips make a noticeable difference in my riding. It's a reliable and stylish addition to my jumping gear.

Joseph Rodriguez

I highly recommend the LEMIEUX X-Grip Silicone EuroJump Square for jumpers of all levels. The silicone grip technology is exceptional, and it has improved my jumping position and overall performance.

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