Lady Balente Endurance Horse Saddle by Setzi

£2,094.00 GBP £2,324.00 GBP
Color: Black

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Horse Saddle Features:

  • Weight: 1.5 kg
  • High cantle / Low cantle
  • Materials: Italian leather
  • Seat: Leather
  • Anatomic socket
  • Domains: Endurance/Trekking

Horse Saddle Description:

Introducing the Balente Lady Endurance Horse Saddle by Setzi, meticulously crafted using a unique composite blend of flexible registered plastic material and adorned with premium Italian leather. Building upon the esteemed design of the Balente model, this saddle has been thoughtfully enhanced with an anatomically designed seat tailored for women.

Perfectly suited for endurance riding and long-distance adventures, the Balente Lady saddle promotes a harmonious connection with your horse, fostering synchronized movement. Riders can expect unmatched comfort and precision, making it the ideal choice for those seeking an exceptional equestrian experience.

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Jack Wilson

The Lady Balente Saddle is a true game-changer for lady riders. It's comfortable, stylish, and built to last.

Emily Davis

I've used other saddles before, but this one provides the best fit and comfort. The Lady Balente is my top choice.

William Johnson

My horse's coat looks shinier and healthier since using the Lady Balente Saddle. It's a win-win for both of us.

Olivia Smith

The ACTIVO-MED Lady Balente Saddle is worth every penny. It's a perfect blend of elegance and performance.

Samuel Davies

These leg wraps offer versatile and effective therapy solutions for my horse's legs. They're tailored to his needs, and it shows.

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