Kids' Comfort and Style: Parlanti passion K-Komfy Riding Boots

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Riding Boots Features:

  • Soft Buffalo Leather: Hand-crafted ankle boots tailored for young riders using soft buffalo leather.

  • Comfort and Flexibility: Elastic insert, natural calfskin lining, and Michelin rubber sole prioritize comfort, flexibility, and ease of movement.

  • Anatomical Design: Modern shape with a gel insole ensures maximum stability and support, adapting to young riders' foot anatomy.

  • Michelin Rubber Sole: Technical excellence in a rubber sole for flexibility, comfort, grip, and durability in equestrian activities.

Riding Boots Description:

Introducing the ankle Riding Boots designed specifically for young riders, meticulously hand-crafted using soft, genuine buffalo leather. These boots feature an elastic insert for ultimate comfort, flexibility, and ease of movement. With a natural calfskin lining, round toe, and a Michelin 100% rubber sole, this elegant Italian craft product is complete. Experience comfort, style, and quality with these exceptional ankle boots for young riders.Designed with an anatomical shape, these boots offer a modern yet elegant fit that perfectly adapts to the rider's foot anatomy. The inclusion of a gel insole ensures maximum stability in all situations, providing excellent support for young riders' legs. Equipped with a Michelin rubber sole, renowned for its technical excellence, these boots deliver exceptional performance. With a balance of flexibility, comfort, lightness, superior grip, and durability, they are designed to offer the best possible experience in equestrian activities.

Customer Reviews

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Phoenix Ashcroft

The PARLANTI PASSION K-Komfy boots have become a go-to choice for my child. They are lightweight, comfortable, and offer excellent grip in the stirrups. The sleek design adds a touch of elegance, and the attention to detail is impeccable. These boots are a perfect blend of comfort and style.

Zara Ravenswood

My child adores their PARLANTI PASSION K-Komfy boots. Not only are they incredibly comfortable, but they also look fantastic. The soft leather molds to their feet, providing a customized fit. The boots offer the perfect balance of flexibility and support, making them suitable for both riding and everyday wear.

Jasper Foxglove

I highly recommend the PARLANTI PASSION K-Komfy boots for kids. The craftsmanship is exceptional, and the attention to detail is evident in every aspect. The boots provide a comfortable fit with ample support, allowing my child to ride with confidence. These boots are worth every penny.

Celeste Ashbourne

The PARLANTI PASSION K-Komfy boots have exceeded my expectations. My child finds them incredibly comfortable and loves the stylish look. The boots offer excellent support and stability, and the high-quality materials ensure durability. These boots have quickly become a staple in their riding gear collection.

Orion Ravensong

The PARLANTI PASSION K-Komfy boots are a true delight for my child. They offer a perfect combination of comfort and style. The soft leather and padded insole provide a plush feel, while the sleek design makes them stand out in the ring. These boots are a must-have for any young equestrian.

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