Hackamore Horse Bridle from Dyon New English Collection

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Color: Brown

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Horse Bridle Features:

  • Made from stunning Dy’on leather, vegetable tanned exclusively for Dy’on
  • Features the new Dy’on S shaped anatomic headpiece
  • Single cheekpiece for attaching the hackamore to. Please note that this bridle is for the headpiece, browband, cheekpieces and throat lash only and not the metal work or leather work of the noseband.
  • Stitching that matches the leather colour
  • Stainless steel buckles
  • Stainless steel billets
  • Available in Pony, Cob, Full
  • Available in Black or Brown
  • REF.NEFADX            

Horse Bridle Description:

Indulge in the exquisite craftsmanship of the Dy'on Grade 1 Catalan leather Horse Bridle, featuring the innovative Dy'on S-shaped anatomic headpiece. This reimagined headpiece is thoughtfully contoured around the ears for enhanced comfort. Designed with a single cheekpiece specifically tailored for the hackamore, it includes an adjustable strap beneath the horse's chin to ensure a secure fit. Completing the look of this exceptionally stylish bridle are the stainless steel buckles, which add a touch of sophistication to its overall design.

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Henry Mitchell

DYON has created a bridle that combines innovation and top-notch quality, making it a winning choice for riders who are eager to explore the possibilities of communication with their horse.

Sophia Patel

This bridle is straightforward to adjust and fits comfortably. It's a reliable choice for English riding enthusiasts exploring new avenues.

Noah White

I've recommended this bridle to fellow riders, and they've been equally impressed with its performance and versatility.

Isabella Hall

The Hackamore Bridle is a must-have for anyone serious about English riding and the pursuit of a deeper connection with their horse.

Oliver Green

DYON has crafted a bridle that meets and exceeds the demands of riders who seek innovation and perfection.

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