Dyon Wool Horse rug

£192.00 GBP £213.00 GBP
Color: Navy

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Horse rug Features:

  • Pure “Merino” wool rug
  • Weight 850gr /m²
  • Exclusive « V-neck » shape and natural sheep skin protection on withers
  • Tail string
  • Front closure with a brass/leather buckle
  • REF.HO21G            

Horse rug Description:

 A Stylish and Pure Wool Choice for Stables or Shows. Introducing the Dyon Horse Horse rug, a masterpiece of elegance and craftsmanship that transcends the ordinary. This luxurious rug is more than just a floor covering; it's a tactile symphony of comfort and style. Impeccably woven from the finest wool, the Dyon Horse Rug boasts a velvety softness that invites you to sink your feet into its plush embrace. The design is a celebration of equine grace, featuring a captivating depiction of majestic horses in harmonious motion.

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Logan Garcia

If you want the best for your horse, the DYON Wool Horse Rug is an absolute must-have. It's a game-changer in equine comfort.

Isabella Foster

I'm thrilled with the warmth and coziness that this rug provides. It's a true lifesaver during cold weather.

Mason Evans

The DYON Wool Horse Rug is versatile, comfortable, and stylish – a winning combination.

Amelia Edwards

This rug has become an essential part of my horse's winter wardrobe. I wouldn't go without it.

Elijah Diaz

I can't thank DYON enough for creating this rug. It's improved my horse's quality of life during winter.

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