Dyon D Collection Distinctive Horse Bridle

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Color: Brown

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Horse Bridle Features

  • Dy'on leather: Grade 1 Catalan leather tanned in Equaled, Spain
  • Vegetable tanning developed exclusive by Dy'on.
  • Natures dyes.
  • Englisch leater type finish.
  • Polyvernis varnished brass buckles.
  • Cream coloured stitching.
  • Supple S-Shaped headpiece - the latest Dy'on innovation.

Horse Bridle Description

Experience unparalleled comfort for your horse with our innovative headpiece and browband Horse Bridle. Designed to relieve pressure on the poll area, it targets the 1st and 2nd cervical vertebrae. The integrated throatlatch system ensures a secure fit behind the 2nd cervical vertebra, while the included 1/2-inch flash strap adds both functionality and style. Please consult your veterinary surgeon before use if your horse shows signs of 1st and 2nd cervical vertebral issues for the best results.

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Abigail Hill

The Distinctive Bridle is a must-have for anyone serious about English riding and the exploration of different ways to connect with their horse.

Caleb Harris

DYON has crafted a bridle that meets and exceeds the demands of riders who seek perfection and value the art of communication with their horse.

Emily Hall

The DYON D Collection Distinctive Bridle is a practical and stylish choice for riders who seek both functionality and a unique statement in the English riding world.

Ethan Green

I can't imagine riding without this bridle now. It's elevated my English riding experience to a whole new level.

Charlotte Gray

DYON has set a new standard with this bridle. It's the perfect choice for riders who want to explore new dimensions in their riding journey.

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