Drop Rope Noseband Horse Bridle from Dyon New English Collection

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Color: Black

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Horse Bridle Features:

  • Dy'on leather: Grade 1 Catalan leather tanned in Iqualada, Spain
  • Vegetable tanning developed exclusive by Dy'on.
  • Natures dyes.
  • Englisch leater type finish.
  • Steenless steel buckles.
  • Stitching in matching colours.
  • Supple S-Shaped headpiece - the latest Dy'on innovation.
  • REF.NEAAAG            

Horse Bridle Description:

This Horse Bridle features a subtly square-raised browband adorned with decorative topstitching. The noseband is crafted from a rope composed of three waxed twisted strands, and it incorporates a narrow pull-back closure mounted on a softly padded protective leather backing. It's important to note that this is a training noseband designed for brief action and should not be fastened tightly. To ensure a proper fit, you should be able to slip two fingers between the noseband and the horse's nose.

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Mia Jackson

DYON has created a bridle that combines innovation and top-notch quality, making it a winning choice for riders who are eager to explore the possibilities of gentle yet effective communication with their horse.

Ethan Wright

This bridle is straightforward to adjust and fits comfortably. It's a reliable choice for English riding enthusiasts seeking gentle communication.

Ava Thompson

I've recommended this bridle to fellow riders, and they've been equally impressed with its performance and versatility.

Thomas Clark

The Drop Rope Noseband Bridle is a must-have for anyone serious about English riding and the pursuit of a harmonious connection with their horse.

Lucy Roberts

DYON has crafted a bridle that meets and exceeds the demands of riders who seek simplicity and value the art of communication with their horse.

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