Double Horse Bridle with Matte Large Crank Noseband from Dyon Dressage

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Color: Black

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Horse Bridle Features:

  • Dy’on leather: Grade 1 Catalan leather tanned in Igualada, Spain
  • Vegetable tanning developed exclusively by Dy’on
  • Natural dyes
  • English leather type finish
  • Stainless steel buckles
  • Stitching in matching colours
  • Supple S-shaped headpiece – the latest Dy’on innovation

Horse Bridle Description:

Part of Dy'on's premium collections, the Dy'on Dressage Collection has been a symbol of excellence for a decade. Created with the invaluable input of world-class dressage riders, Morgan Barbançon Mestre and Helen Langehanenberg, this collection embodies their vision of the perfect high-level competition dressage Horse Bridle.

Crafted with sheep leather linings for superior suppleness and comfort compared to traditional cow leather, the Dressage Collection offers a diverse range of finishes, from matte to patent leather, accented with white piping and linings, ensuring both functionality and elegance.

Key Features of the Matte Large Crank Noseband Double Bridle:

  • Anatomical 38 mm wide noseband, available in matte leather, patent leather, or patent leather with white lining.
  • Pull-back closure mounted on a padded protective backing.

Dy'on Dressage Collection Highlights:

  • Grade 1 Catalan leather from Igualada, Spain.
  • Exclusive vegetable tanning process and natural dyes.
  • English leather-type finish.
  • Stainless steel buckles.
  • Stitching in matching colors.
  • Innovative S-shaped headpiece for optimal comfort and fit.

Experience dressage excellence with the Dy'on Dressage Collection Bridle, where tradition and innovation come together to cater to the discerning needs of the equestrian world

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Sophia Patel

I've recommended this double bridle to fellow riders, and they've been equally impressed with its performance and style.

Noah White

The Double Bridle with Matte Large Crank Noseband is a must-have for anyone serious about dressage. It's a game-changer.

Isabella Hall

DYON has crafted a double bridle that meets and exceeds the demands of dressage riders who seek perfection.

Oliver Green

This bridle is a practical and stylish choice for riders who want to make a statement in the dressage ring.

Mia Jackson

I can't imagine riding without this double bridle now. It's elevated my dressage experience to a whole new level.

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