Copper Fox Hunting Horn with Black Leather Case

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Copper Fox Hunting Horn Features:

  • Our Fox Hunting Horn have Exquisite design with genuine copper construction.
  • SIZE: (Length 9'') (These sizes are Approximate)
  • Enhance tones with a brass mouthpiece for captivating melodies.
  • Quality materials ensure durability and long-lasting use.
  • Ideal for both seasoned hunters and those new to the tradition.

Leather Case Features:

  • Material: genuine cowhide leather and thick brass hardware
  • Available Colors: Tan, Brown, Red.
  • SIZE: (Length 10'') (Width 2''). (These sizes are Approximate)
  • Designed to be attached to a saddle.
  • Adjustable buckle strap 
  • Easy to clean. 

Copper Fox Hunting Horn Description:

Step into the storied realm of fox hunting with our impeccably crafted Copper Fox Hunting Horn. This exquisite horn is a testament to tradition and elegance, meticulously forged from genuine copper. It encapsulates the essence of the hunt, harmonizing enchanting melodies through its captivating brass mouthpiece—a symphony that resonates with the very environment that surrounds you. Each note pays homage to a legacy woven through the ages, uniting hunters across generations.

Every aspect of this horn is imbued with durability and performance. It's designed to be your steadfast companion on every hunt, a reliable partner that bridges the gap between tradition and the modern pursuit. Its versatility welcomes both seasoned hunters and newcomers, ensuring that the spirit of the hunt endures.

Enhancing its allure is the leather case, carefully crafted to complement the horn's aesthetics while providing essential protection. Designed to seamlessly attach to your saddle, it expertly blends form and function. The adjustable buckle strap adds practicality, ensuring secure placement wherever your hunting adventure takes you.

Moreover, the horn's easy-to-clean feature makes maintenance a breeze, sparing you from the intricacies of upkeep. As you venture into the great outdoors, the Fox Hunting Horn and its leather case accompany you with a touch of sophistication. With every resonant call of the horn, you carry on a legacy that echoes with the heart of nature. The sound weaves your connection to the hunt across landscapes, intertwining your spirit with the land and the timeless tradition it represents.

For those seeking a high-quality horn that delivers clear and powerful sound, our Fox Hunting Horn is an invaluable investment.

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