Charles Owen AyrBrush: The Ultimate Equestrian Riding Helmet

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Riding Helmet Features

  • Front and rear ventilation
  • Smooth, matt finish with mark-resistant paint
  • Soft GRpx® technology harness
  • Anti-microbial lining reduces odor
  • Washable removable headband
  • Meets multiple safety standards
  • Choice of colors
  • Available with Pinstripe detailing

Riding Helmet Description:

CharlesOWEN AyrBrush: The Ultimate Combination of Style and Safety Experience the sporty excellence of the CHARLES OWEN AyrBrush Riding Helmet, designed to provide both comfort and protection for equestrians. Built with the same front and rear ventilation holes and GRpx® technology harness as the highly popular Ayr8® Plus, this helmet ensures optimal airflow to keep you cool during your rides. With its mark-resistant matte finish, this helmet is both easy to care for and maintenance-free, allowing you to focus on what matters most - your ride. Expertly crafted in Britain, the AyrBrush showcases a durable impact-absorbing shell reinforced with glass fibers, providing exceptional strength and protection. The removable cup headband adds convenience, allowing for easy cleaning and replacement, ensuring your helmet remains fresh and ready for your next equestrian adventure. For those seeking an unmatched look, the AyrBrush is also available in the AyrBrush Pinstripe variant, offering a unique and stylish aesthetic. Choose the CHARLES OWEN AyrBrush helmet for the ultimate combination of style, comfort, and safety, and elevate your riding experience to new heights.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Scarlett Murphy

The CHARLES OWEN AyrBrush helmet is a game-changer in the equestrian world. Its sleek and stylish design makes me look and feel fantastic, and the advanced safety technology provides exceptional protection. I can't recommend this helmet enough to riders who want to prioritize both fashion and safety.

Caleb Gray

I'm beyond impressed with the CHARLES OWEN AyrBrush helmet. It's a perfect fusion of style and safety. The helmet's elegant design makes me feel like a true equestrian trendsetter, while its advanced safety features give me peace of mind during every ride. It's an investment worth every penny.

Ethan Anderson

I can't imagine riding without my CHARLES OWEN AyrBrush helmet. It's the epitome of style and safety. The helmet's unique design and sleek finish make me feel like a true equestrian fashionista. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to prioritize both protection and fashion in their riding gear.

Esme Brooks

The CHARLES OWEN AyrBrush is my favorite equestrian helmet by far. The quality is exceptional, and the attention to detail is remarkable. It fits like a dream and provides excellent protection. I've received numerous compliments on its stylish design. It's a top-notch helmet that delivers on both style and safety.

Joshua Clark

The CHARLES OWEN AyrBrush is a game-changer in the equestrian world. It offers the perfect blend of style and safety. The helmet's aerodynamic design not only looks stunning but also enhances my riding experience. I feel secure and fashionable every time I put it on.

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