Atena Evo Fender Horse Saddle by Prestige

£2,902.00 GBP £3,225.00 GBP
Color: Black
Seat Size:

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Horse Saddle Features:

  • Colour : Black Tobacoo
  • Colour of trim : For customization please contact us.
  • Colour of stitching : Red/Tone-on-tone
  • Seat Size: 17, 18
  • Depth: Medium deep
  • Width: 26 cm
  • Withers size : From 29 to 37
  • Flaps - projections : Fender
  • Flaps - length : XS, S, Standard, L, XL
  • Flap :Fender
  • Panels : LPF Flocked
  • Leather :Bovine leather
  • Weight :7,4 Kg
  • Blocks :Small
  • Plus :Optional horn Double padding of the seat and fender
    The saddle can be fully disassembled

Horse Saddle Description:

Discover the pinnacle of comfort and style with the Maximum Comfort Horse Saddle. This saddle exudes a bold and sporty aesthetic, featuring striking red-colored stitching and trim (also available in a tone-on-tone option).

Its standout feature is the LPF (Light Performance Fit) flocked panels, ingeniously designed with a special pocket for flocking in the trapezius muscle area. These panels offer an expansive surface area, ensuring impeccable adaptability to a diverse range of horse builds.

This version of the saddle also comes equipped with a fender and stirrups featuring a safety cage for added rider security. For those seeking additional customization, an optional horn is available upon request. Experience maximum comfort and performance with this exceptional saddle

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Sophia Patel

My riding posture and overall comfort have significantly improved with this saddle. I feel more connected to my horse and confident in my abilities.

Noah White

I highly recommend the Atena Evo Fender Saddle to fellow riders. It's a top-tier product in every aspect.

Isabella Hall

Riding in the Atena Evo Fender feels like a privilege. It's comfortable and provides the support I need.

Oliver Green

The Atena Evo Fender Saddle adapts seamlessly to various riding styles. It's versatile and well-suited for all my riding needs.

Mia Jackson

The durability of this saddle is impressive. It's built to withstand years of riding without losing its quality.

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