Antares Sellier Stress-Free Horse Leather Headcollar

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Horse Leather Headcollar Features:

  • Innovative Design: Developed in collaboration with Cédric Angot, the ANTARÈS SELLIER Stressless Head Collar offers innovative tranquility for both horse and rider.
  • Strategic Elastic Elements: Halter features elastic on the headpiece and cheek-pieces to reduce "stop" during head movements when tied.
  • French Full-Grain Leather: Crafted from premium French full-grain leather, exclusively selected and developed for Antares by Arnal tannery in Rodez, France.
  • Natural Leather Resilience: Maintains original grain and texture, with careful stretching during drying to prevent elongation.
  • Leather Maintenance: Can be nourished with balm to conceal irregularities and maintain an attractive appearance.

Horse Leather Headcollar Description:

The Stressless halter, a collaborative innovation by the Antarès Sellier France team and Cédric Angot, is designed to provide a tranquil setting for both horse and rider. Crafted from premium French full-grain horse leather headcollar, the Antarès "Stressless" halter is carefully chosen and developed exclusively for Antares by the renowned Arnal tannery in Rodez, France. The hides undergo rigorous controls for width and density, and a vegetable tanning process, utilizing chestnuts, is tailored specifically for bridlework to ensure long-lasting durability. During the drying process, the hides are skillfully stretched to prevent unwanted elongation. This meticulous approach preserves the leather's original grain and texture, ensuring its exclusive softness and resilience. For a polished appearance, a nourishing balm treatment can be applied to conceal any skin irregularities and enhance the leather's aesthetic appeal, giving it a handsome and well-maintained look.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Ashley Murphy

Don't hesitate to invest in the ANTARÈS SELLIER Stress-Free Head Collar. Your horse will thank you for it!

Samuel Moore

I can't speak highly enough of the ANTARÈS SELLIER Stress-Free Head Collar. It's a game-changer for horse owners.

Evelyn Mitchell

My horse is calmer, more focused, and a pleasure to be around, all thanks to this head collar.

William Martin

I'm so grateful to have found this head collar. It's made training my horse a joy.

Samantha Lopez

My horse's transformation with the ANTARÈS SELLIER Stress-Free Head Collar has been nothing short of incredible.

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