Antares Sellier Royal Rider Perfect Flex Stirrups

£211.00 GBP £234.00 GBP

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Stirrups Features:

  • Made in Italy CE
  • Material : DuPont® + Hardness Rubber
  • Stirrup-bar size : 120x64mm
  • Stirrup size : 154x64x183mm
  • Weight : 284 grs
  • Tension breaking load : 650 kgs
  • black with black rubber cover.

Stirrups Description:

The RR Perfect stirrups retains the characteristics of being a lightweight yet highly durable stirrup with the structural integrity typical of the Style line. These features are combined with the flexibility of the stirrup body, achieved through a sophisticated system of stainless steel tie rods strategically positioned on the body and covered in technical rubber. The wide arch of this stirrup provides ample space and ergonomic design, ensuring exceptional stability and safety. It naturally follows the rider's movements, making it suitable for all equestrian disciplines. The soft and elegant lines, along with the flexibility, create a technical stirrup that effectively reduces stress while maintaining an aesthetic of elegance and distinction. The bench features a stainless steel grip with a glossy finish and exceptional durability. Additionally, a non-slip rubber spare part is included to meet various rider needs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
Mason Evans

"I trust the Royal Rider Perfect Flex Stirrups to perform at their best every time I ride. They're a solid choice."

Emily Edwards

"These stirrups are a wise investment for anyone serious about their riding. They're top-notch."

Daniel Diaz

"Versatile, reliable, and comfortable – the Royal Rider Perfect Flex Stirrups check all the boxes."

Ava Davis

"I've noticed an improvement in my riding posture since switching to these stirrups."

Elijah Cox

"I can't imagine riding without these stirrups now. They've become an essential part of my gear."

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