Antares Sellier Royal Rider Concept Stirrup

£192.00 GBP £213.00 GBP
Color: Grey /Black

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Stirrup Features:

  • Made in Italy CE
  • Material : DuPont® + Steel
  • Stirrup-bar size : 115x65mm
  • Stirrup size : 145x65x165mm
  • Weight : 530 grs
  • Tension breaking load : 600 kgs

Stirrup Description:

The Antares Sellier Royal Rider Concept Stirrup offer a unique combination of features that promote balance and safety for both the rider and horse. With a weight of 530 grams, these stirrups provide stability across various equestrian disciplines.

Constructed from high-performance techno-polymer, these stirrups feature a flexible side opening mechanism that allows for the quick release of the foot in potentially dangerous situations. The stirrup's innovative aluminum support surface is slightly concave, with a radius of 480mm, ensuring a secure grip and a central foot position, enhancing comfort and control.

Additionally, these stirrups are easy to maintain, as they can be cleaned with water without compromising their mechanical or aesthetic qualities.

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Isabella Hall

I can't recommend the ANTARÈS SELLIER Royal Rider Concept Stirrups enough. They've elevated my riding to a whole new level.

Oliver Green

I'm impressed with the craftsmanship of these stirrups. They're a testament to the artistry of saddle making.

Mia Jackson

These stirrups are a symbol of innovation in the equestrian world. They're ahead of the curve in terms of design and functionality.

Ethan Wright

Riding with these stirrups feels effortless. They provide excellent support and enhance my riding experience.

Ava Thompson

The Royal Rider Concept Stirrups are the best investment I've made for my riding gear. They're worth every cent.

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