Antares Sellier Origin Anatomic Horse Bridle

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Horse Bridle Description:

The Origin anatomic headpiece limits pressure on the horse:

The "Origin" headpiece, specifically crafted for the Horse Bridle, is thoughtfully designed with an anatomic cut and gentle padding to provide ample space for the horse's ears and reduce pressure on the cervical vertebrae. Additionally, the noseband straps ensure a sleek and slim fit while alleviating pressure on the horse's neck for optimal comfort during dressage activities.

The "pull back" padded noseband:

The "Origin" dressage bridle features a wide (3.9 cm) and ergonomically designed noseband with thick, plush padding for maximum comfort. The pull-back system and two lateral protection pads offer precise adjustments without any risk of pinching or injury. Moreover, the noseband's patent leather and elegant white padding adhere to the aesthetic requirements for dressage competitions.

The browband of the Origin double bridle:

Our lined bridle features a tasteful and elegant frontal design that accentuates the horse's physique in a subtle manner. The perfect blend of technical sophistication and style is evident throughout the bridle. The attachments, equipped with hooks, add to the overall modest and refined aesthetic appearance.

How to correctly adjust your bridle ?

Ensuring proper adjustment of your horse's bridle is essential for its comfort and overall well-being. A well-fitted bridle stabilizes the bit, leading to a more pleasant contact in your horse's mouth. This snug fit enhances the precision of your riding. Read our informative article to learn how to check if your bridle is correctly adjusted for optimal performance and your horse's contentment.

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Customer Reviews

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Charlotte Hernandez

The Origin Anatomic Double Dressage Bridle is simply outstanding! The fit is perfect, and the padding ensures my horse's comfort during long training sessions. I appreciate the craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into making this bridle.

Alexander Garcia

I'm so glad I invested in the Origin Anatomic Double Dressage Bridle. The anatomic shape is a game-changer, and my horse moves more freely and confidently. It's clear that ANTARES SELLIER is dedicated to providing the best for equestrians.

Mia Foster

This bridle is a game-changer for dressage enthusiasts! The Origin Anatomic Double Dressage Bridle's unique design enhances communication between me and my horse. It's a high-quality, elegant bridle that stands out in the arena.

Benjamin Evans

The Origin Anatomic Double Dressage Bridle has exceeded my expectations. It fits my horse's head perfectly and provides excellent support. I'm impressed with the attention to detail, and it's clear that ANTARES SELLIER cares about producing top-notch tack.

Lily Ramirez

My horse and I are in love with this bridle! The Origin Anatomic Double Dressage Bridle is beautifully designed and exceptionally comfortable. I can see a noticeable improvement in our dressage work since using it.

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