Antares Sellier Dressage Soft Horse Reins with 7 Leather Loops

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Horse Reins Features:

  • French leather.
  • Hook stud fixation.
  • Width: 5/8“.

  • Colors and finishings :
  • Black-black stitching
  • Stainless buckle
  • Sizes :
  • 1 (cob) – 2 (full) - 3 (extra long)

Horse Reins Description:

Experience the perfect blend of style and functionality with our Hunter style Horse reins. Crafted with a luxurious grip made from extra supple calfskin and rubber lining, these reins offer a secure hold and exceptional comfort. The 7 leather loops on the grip ensure an optimal grip for precise control.

To enhance durability and prevent stretching, these reins are ingeniously designed with a thin nylon inner lining between the leather and rubber grip. With our Hunter style reins, you can confidently handle your horse with ease and enjoy a reliable and elegant riding experience.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Madison Diaz

I'm beyond pleased with the Dressage Soft Reins with 7 Leather Loops. They are well-crafted and have a luxurious feel. The 7 loops provide versatility, making them ideal for training and competition. I'm a happy dressage rider!

Andrew Cox

These reins are simply perfect for dressage riders. The soft leather is so comfortable, and the 7 leather loops offer flexibility in adjusting my rein length as needed. I couldn't be happier with this purchase!

Chloe Clark

As a dressage enthusiast, I value high-quality equipment, and these reins do not disappoint. The Dressage Soft Reins with 7 Leather Loops are beautifully designed and provide excellent contact with my horse. I highly recommend them.

Matthew Brooks

I'm in love with the feel of these reins in my hands! The soft leather is delightful, and the 7 leather loops make it easy to find the perfect length for my horse. They are a beautiful addition to my dressage equipment.

Lily Bailey

These reins are a true asset to my dressage training. The Dressage Soft Reins with 7 Leather Loops offer the perfect balance of flexibility and control. I feel more connected to my horse, and our communication has improved significantly.

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