Antares Sellier Dressage Origin Leather Horse Reins 1/2

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Horse Reins Description:

Introducing the 13mm all-leather bridle reeds from ANTARES SELLIER's Origin collection, tailor-made for dressage riders seeking a streamlined Horse Reins design. These smooth and meticulously crafted reins address the issue of the rein tail getting in the way during rides. The innovative fell seam on the looped rein ends replaces traditional buckles or rings, ensuring that the rein tail lays flat against the horse's neck for a clean and unobtrusive appearance.

Designed for ultimate convenience, these reins feature a securing loop that allows riders to adjust the length of the rein tail when placed on the horse's neck. The incorporation of hooks facilitates swift and effortless attachment to the bit, enabling quick installation.

Crafted from premium full-grain French leather, handpicked for its strength and resistance to stretching, these reins offer unparalleled quality and durability. Available in a sleek black leather with black stitching, these Origin reins not only exude elegance but also promise optimal functionality for dressage enthusiasts. Elevate your riding experience with these exceptional all-leather bridle reeds from ANTARES SELLIER.

Customer Reviews

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Carter Roberts

As an avid dressage rider, I can confidently say that the ANTARES SELLIER Dressage Origin Leather Curb Reins are a game-changer. The quality, comfort, and control they provide are unmatched. I'm absolutely delighted with this purchase!

Madison Rivera

These Leather Curb Reins from ANTARES SELLIER have elevated my riding experience to a whole new level. The precise length and feel allow for subtle communication with my horse, resulting in better harmony.

Joseph Reed

I invested in the ANTARES SELLIER Dressage Origin Leather Curb Reins, and it was worth every penny. They are well-balanced and contribute to the refinement of my aids, elevating my dressage performance.

Lily Price

The ANTARES SELLIER Dressage Origin Leather Curb Reins are not only functional but also a statement piece. The premium leather exudes luxury, and I receive compliments on them everywhere I go.

David Phillips

If you're serious about dressage riding, these 1/2 inch Leather Curb Reins from ANTARES SELLIER are a must-have accessory. They offer a superior grip and feel, allowing me to communicate effortlessly with my horse.

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