Antares Sellier Comfort Precision Horse Bridle

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Horse Bridle Description:


The Horse Bridle headpiece, expertly crafted by Antares Research and Development in collaboration with veterinarians and osteopaths, is a revolutionary design focused on enhancing the horse's comfort. Its unique cutting technique completely releases pressure from the 1st cervical vertebrae, ensuring a comfortable fit and eliminating any potential discomfort caused by traditional headpieces on the nape. Notably, the "Precision" headpiece is approved by the FEI for use in Jumping, Eventing, and Dressage disciplines.


The "Comfort" flash noseband offers wide, soft padding and features a protection tab under the closing buckles, ensuring no rubbing or discomfort. Additionally, its flash strap is removable, providing the option to convert it into a cavesson.


Antarès' bridle work line is crafted from meticulously chosen French full-grain leather, specially sourced and developed by the renowned tannery Arnal in Rodez, France. The hides undergo strict quality control for their width and density. Utilizing a unique vegetable tanning process with chestnuts, specifically tailored for bridlework, ensures exceptional durability and prevents stretching. The leather's natural grain remains unaltered during tanning and finishing, guaranteeing exclusive softness and remarkable resistance.

Colors and finishings :

Brown - cream stitching / Black - black stitching
Stainless Antarès buckles
Without reins

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Samuel Lawson

The Comfort Precision Bridle is the best investment I've made for my horse's comfort and well-being. The design is thoughtful, and the quality is evident in every detail. Riding has become a pleasure for both me and my horse.

Emily King

I've never seen my horse more content with a bridle than with the Comfort Precision Bridle. The innovative design enhances communication, and the leather is so supple and lovely. Antarès Sellier truly knows how to create top-notch tack.

Michael Johnson

This bridle is a game-changer! The Comfort Precision design ensures my horse's comfort during rides, and I've noticed a positive change in his overall performance. It's durable, elegant, and perfectly crafted.

Victoria Jenkins

I'm so glad I invested in the Comfort Precision Bridle. It has made a noticeable difference in my horse's performance and attitude. The leather quality is exceptional, and the fit is spot-on. I highly recommend this bridle to all equestrians.

Elijah Hill

The Comfort Precision Bridle has transformed my rides with my horse. It fits like a glove, and the padding makes it incredibly comfortable for long sessions. I'm amazed at how much smoother and more enjoyable our rides have become.

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