Acavallo Gel and Saddle Pad Compensator C: Sheepskin Half Edge

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Saddle Pad Features:

  • Size : M
  • Length: 57cm
  • Width : 31.5cm
  • Size: L
  • Length : 59.5cm
  • Width : 34cm

Saddle Pad Description:

Experience the versatile and effective Acavallo Gel and Saddle Pad Compensator Model C. The shaped gel construction provides excellent thickness, ensuring both anti-slip and shock-absorbing properties. It offers superior stability, preventing unwanted saddle movements in all directions.

Notably, the Gel compensates for minor irregularities in the horse's back, making it suitable for slightly more "rounded" backs. The central part's thinner design adapts well to the withers and back, creating a gap between the Saddle Pad and Gel for continuous air circulation.

Crafted from hypoallergenic and non-toxic Classic Gel Acavallo®, this compensator can be used directly in contact with the skin. It is also easily customizable, allowing for adjustments to fit various saddle types.

The addition of Acavallo® sheepskin provides an extra layer of comfort, preventing chafing and blisters. The high-density wool offers exceptional padding while acting as a 100% insulator against electrostatic charges. Its sweat-absorbing properties keep the horse comfortable during rides.

Features of Acavallo® Gel include shock absorption, saddle stabilization, pressure relief, and close contact without altering saddle balance. Its lightweight, elastic, and non-toxic nature makes it safe for use on the skin.

Maintaining the Gel Compensator is simple, as it can be machine washed at 30 degrees or cleaned manually with mild detergent. Avoid aggressive detergents, tumble drying, and direct exposure to heat or sunlight; instead, allow it to dry naturally.

Ride with confidence and utmost comfort using the ACAVALLO Gel Compensator Model C with the added luxury of sheepskin.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jacob Adams

I can't say enough good things about this Gel Compensator C. The sheepskin half edge is a game-changer for my horse's comfort. The gel padding molds perfectly to his back, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit.

Amelia Young

I highly recommend the ACAVALLO Gel Compensator C with Sheepskin Half Edge. It's a premium product that offers unmatched comfort and support. My horse loves it, and I love the added luxury it brings to our rides.

Daniel Wright

This Gel Compensator C is simply the best! The sheepskin half edge is plush and provides excellent protection against rubbing. It's a well-made and thoughtfully designed product that has become an essential part of my saddle setup.

Victoria Wilson

I am thoroughly impressed with the ACAVALLO Gel Compensator C. The sheepskin half edge is not only beautiful but also practical. The gel padding conforms to my horse's back, and I've noticed a difference in his performance.

Ethan Williams

The ACAVALLO Gel Compensator C is a must-have for any rider who cares about their horse's well-being. The sheepskin half edge is a thoughtful addition that adds extra comfort. My horse seems much happier since using it.

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