Can You Wear Yoga Pants Horseback Riding?

Wondering if yoga pants gallop alongside horseback riding? Are they capable of conquering the saddle with their flexible grace, comfort and flexibility? As horse riding enthusiasts, we understand the desire for flexibility, comfort, and strength in the saddle. 

Whether you're thinking about taking up horse riding for the first time, looking to return to equine sports, or preparing for namaste in the saddle, you must be picky when choosing the riding attire. 

While yoga pants may offer flexibility and comfort, they lack the necessary grip and protection for equestrian activities. For horseback riding, you should wear proper equestrian attire, such as riding tights and breeches for enhanced safety and functionality. 

Most of the riders wear breeches at competitions, but for everyday riding, casual one-off trail with friends, or at certain low-risk riding situations most riders wear modern riding tight - the equestrian equivalent of yoga pants.  

In this article, we’ll discuss the situations where you can wear yoga pants horseback riding and the benefits of riding tights as a great alternative to breeches. 

So, grab your reins, and let's trot into the captivating world of equestrian fashion - where style meets the rumbling hooves of adventure!

When to Wear Yoga Pants Horseback Riding to Ride In Comfort

You might be wondering when it’s acceptable to don your yoga pants for horseback riding. The truth is, you can never wear your yoga pants in the saddle. It’s not ideal or safe.

But, there are some situations when yoga pants and horseback riding make a perfect pair. 

These include:

  • If you're going for a relaxed single ride or a one-off trail ride with friends, yoga pants can provide comfort and flexibility. However, riding jeans can be a better option for trail rides. 
  • In low-impact or non-competitive riding activities like basic schooling or light training sessions. If you're not involved in competitive riding or activities that require specific equestrian gear, yoga pants can be a comfortable alternative.
  • You can wear yoga pants as an extra layer under your riding breeches or tights for added comfort and warmth in colder weather.
  • In situations where there is a low risk of saddle slippage or lack of grip requirements
  • When you’re on vacation and don’t want to pack an extra pair of yoga pants. However, these are lightweight to pack. 

If you really want to enjoy the functionality of breeches and the comfort of yoga pants, we recommend you wear riding tights. They’re the yoga pants of the equestrian world that prioritize comfort, safety, and fashion. With a plethora of options available, catering to various body types, riding disciplines, and style preferences, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Yoga Pants Vs. Riding Tights

Following are the core differences that tell you what riding tights are better than yoga pants for equestrians.


Yoga Pants

Riding Tights


Some yoga pants have silicone or rubberized patterns on the inner thighs or knees to provide comfort in certain styles of yoga that involve more challenging poses.

Riding tights offer excellent grip with a knee patch or full seat grip for enhanced stability in key contact points.

Wide Waist

Many yoga pants have a wide waistband for added comfort, support, and coverage during yoga poses.

Many riding tights feature wide waistbands, providing the same level of comfort as yoga pants.

Belt loops

Belt loops are not present in standard yoga pants. They often have elastic or adjustable waistbands.

Riding tights often come with belt loops for those who prefer wearing a belt while riding.


Cutouts are less common in yoga pants. However, you’ll see cutouts or mesh panels in some athleisure-inspired styles for aesthetic appeal and improved breathability.

Unlike yoga pants, riding tights have no cutouts or design accents that can get caught on tack or cause discomfort.

Cell Phone Pocket

Some yoga pants have a small pocket around the waistband or thigh area to carry your phone while your body is in movement.

Riding tights often include a special pocket for easy and safe storage of your cell phone while riding.


Quality yoga pants are made from materials that can withstand regular stretching, washing, and wear without losing their shape or color. 

Designed to withstand the demands of riding, riding tights are made to be durable and long-lasting.

Namaste in the saddle with riding tights - our top picks

"Namaste in the saddle" is a phrase that combines elements of yoga and horseback riding to convey a sense of mindfulness and balance while engaging in equestrian activity. It implies the integration of yoga principles like breath awareness and mental focus, into the experience of horseback riding to find inner peace during the ride. 

If you love the feel of your yoga pants, you’ll love these riding tights;  these are affordable alternatives to breeches.

Women's ARIAT Knee Patch Riding Tights

This knee patch riding tight is designed to enhance grip and stability in the saddle. The fabric is moisture-wicking and provides sun protection to keep you cool and dry, making it an Ideal option for all equestrian activities. Plus, this compression-fit riding legging supports muscles during the ride to reduce fatigue while the waistband ensures a comfortable and secure fit. 

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Yoga Pants, riding tights

PERFORMA RIDE's Evolve Rider Tights

Enhance your yoga experience while horseback riding by wearing comfy riding tights with a full seat silicone grip and moisture-wicking fabric. The fabric is breathable and cool to keep you fresh and dry even during hot weather, no matter how long you stay in the saddle. It’s available in multiple sizes to fit all curvy silhouettes and make a stylish addition to your equestrian's wardrobe.

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Yoga Pants, riding tights

PERFORMA RIDE’S Flexion Rider Tights - Burgondy

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This rider tight is an ultimate delight for young riders made to fit their different silhouettes. Engineered for providing comfort and freshness during long hours of intense rides with its moisture-wicking fabric. It will keep you dry and comfy during both training and competition. 

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Yoga Pants, riding tights


Yoga pants and riding tights are two different types of leggings that provide comfort and flexibility while your body is in motion. You can wear yoga pants while horseback riding, especially for casual rides on Sundays. However, it’s recommended to wear riding tights when you’re involved in other riding activities.