Why You Should Choose Designer leather backpack Over Canvas & Nylon

Classic leather bags never fail to catch up with modern fashion trends. These vintage bags can be a stylish addition to any contemporary cabinet. Whether you are going on a vacation, considering revamp your accessories cabinet, or looking for some practical gifts, leather bags always be on the list.


leather handbags

Leather is durable enough to endure heavy weights and rough handling. It offers you long years of service. 

Apart from leather, people also buy canvas and nylon bags as both finished products look elegant and offer the same functionality as leather.

Each fabric has its own flairs and meets with the needs of the buyer. So, what makes leather an excellent choice for a travelling bag, office bag, or casual accessories department? We will untangle all the confusion so you can make the right decision.  

leather handbags


Here we will talk about leather, nylon and canvas bags, compare them, and discuss the reasons ‌leather bags are the seamless option.

Let’s delve into this interesting write-up.

Leather Bags

Leather bags are the most commonly used fashion accessory made from the processed and well-cleaned hide of the animal. They are available in soft, hard, or suede leather used for fashion, work and travelling. Leather bags are sturdy, durable, elegant, and have an excellent finishing touch. They are highly stylish and functional.

leather handbags

Today, there are different types of leather bags available in the market, such as leather handbags, backpacks, briefcases, duffel bags, messenger bags, etc.

If you want to buy a leather bag that is both functional and classy, Miajee's leather bag  would be the ideal choice.‌

leather handbags

Canvas Bags

Canvas bags are made from plain or duck-woven cotton or linen. These bags are stronger and have stretchable fibers that can adapt to any weight and size of the stuff. Canvas bags have been in the fashion industry for about hundreds of years, but now they have developed and come in various shapes, functionalities, colors, sizes, and values. 

leather handbags

Nylon Bags

Nylon bags are man-made using polymers, come in different forms, and are relatively economical. These bags are popular for their flexibility in all classes, including travel bags and wallets. Nylon bags are less suitable for vigorous use.

leather handbags

Leather Bags Vs Canvas Bags

Leather bags

Canvas bags

Leather bags are more sustainable and promise long years of service.

Canvas bags are not as resilient as leather, but can still be ‌durable.

They have a timeless elegance and are fashionably versatile. You can use them in both casual and formal gatherings.

Canvas are sporty and have a dynamic flair. They are not Wall Street item for formal business attire as they look more casual. 

Leather bags can, with-stand more stringent conditions, provide extra protection to the contents inside your bag, and are waterproof.

Canvas is not waterproof, which makes it less ideal for outdoor adventures, especially when you are cruising or attending a pool party.


Leather Bags vs Nylon Bags

Leather bags

Nylon bags

Leather bags are quite expensive because of the material used.

Nylon is a cheaper alternative. Nylon bags are not as durable as leather, and you need to repair them often. 

You can easily fix leather bags with no effect on initial quality. Just polish them, and you are ready to go. 

Nylon bags are not easily fixed. They have low-quality zips, pockets, and bag handles. The cost of repairing them isn't worth it.

They are heat resistant, water-resistant, and nature-friendly. 

Nylon bags are not eco-friendly nor recyclable.

What makes leather bags cooler than Canvas & Nylon?

It’s the outstanding features, functionality and the advantages of leather bags that make them more refined and outrank others.

leather handbags
  • Leather is a light material and ideal for luggage and bags. The premium leather has an ethereal beauty and style and offers its wearer a promise to last long.  
  • The straps of the Leather bags are more comfortable as compared to Canvas and nylon.
  • Full-grain leather has the advantage of giving any leather a polished and nice look. From backpacks to wallets, you can easily elevate your grace with a classy leather bag. 
  • Leather bags get softer with age and gain a more sophisticated look because of patina that enhances its vintage appeal.
  • Leather bags are best for those who travel around with sharp objects as these bags are travel friendly and strong. 
  • These bags have more authority and are a symbol of eminence because they look sleek, sophisticated, and expensive. You will never go out of fashion using leather bags.
  • Leather bags are an ideal mix of style and practicality. 

How to care for your leather bags?

Caring for your leather bag is essential if you want to keep the leather smooth, supple, and long-lasting. 

leather handbags

To remove dust and dirt from your bag, simply clean it with the damp cloth to wipe the bag’s surface. 

You can buy a polish and leather conditioner to apply in the small amount to make the material glossy. 

leather handbags

Test the conditioner first on the small hidden spot to check its results. If it works ok, apply it on the general leather surface. The polish will prevent your bag from drying out and cracking. 

Where can I get stylish and durable leather bags?


leather handbags

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End lines

When you are searching for a fresh bag, it is vital to select the right material. We suggest you buy leather bags instead of nylon and canvas as leather is a more durable material and can last for ages.  

So, what are you waiting for? Purchase some chic leather bags by exploring the Miajee’s collection right away!