Jodhpurs Vs Breeches: What’s Better For You?

Both jodhpurs and breeches are equestrians’ favorite, but they differ in their design and usage. 

Breeches are tight-fitting short-length pants that reach below the knee or mid-calf and are typically worn with paddock boots with half chaps or gaiters for added support and protection.

While jodhpurs are full-length pants that are worn with tall boots that cover the ankle and calf. It has a tight fit around the calf, a reinforced inner leg, and knee patches or full-seat patches for enhanced grip in the saddle. 

You can choose between jodhpurs and breeches based on your personal preference, riding activity, and the level of grip and comfort you need in the saddle.

Let’s take a deeper look.

Breeches Vs. Jodhpurs - Which one should you choose? 

Often, equestrians are confused about which one to choose for horse riding camp. Here’s a quick breakdown.


Breeches are similar to jodhpurs in terms of the snug fit from the waist to the knee, but they end just below the knee, with the lower leg exposed. They may feature knee patches or full-seat patches for enhanced grip. 

Breeches are designed to be worn with shorter riding boots or paddock boots, along with half chaps or tall socks to provide protection and support to the lower leg.

What makes breeches the right fit for you: 

  • If summer is going on
  • If you wanna keep it cozy and easy 
  • If you wanna maintain the freedom to move
  • If you wanna have breathability and flexibility in footwear
  • If modern, easy, and casual is your style: breeches are the way to go

The bottom line is breeches are a modern type of attire for horse riders. If that vibe with you, go for it. 


Jodhpurs came from India to England when Queen Victoria used to rule India. This unique attire was created by the “Jodhpur of Polo team”, which was instantly adopted by the local British because they understood the benefits of wearing Jodhpurs. 

Now, the jodhpurs are different because of their unusual design. It’s loose from the hips and tight at the lower knee to the feet. It’s longer than breeches. 

Here’re a few benefits of wearing a Jodhpur:

  • It can resist cold temperatures, rain, and various weather situations without making a difference in your ride. 
  • It has grip and durability because of its long length with long boots and supports the leg and ankle. 
  • The classic look of the long jodhpurs and long boots is considered professional attire. 

If you’re a professional horse rider, or rooting to be the one: jodhpurs is the perfect choice. 

Your choice impacts your footwear, too

Breeches are shorter in length and jodhpurs are longer. So, the boots' compatibility differs, too. 

With breeches, normal riding shoes work well, shorter ones. Contrarily, long boots fit perfectly with the jodhpurs. It makes the epic style of someone professional in horse riding. 

Here’re a few tips that’ll help you while choosing the right footwear for you: 

  • Take notice of your personal preference, what works for someone else doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll work for you, too. You know yourself better than any brand. 
  • Search for the boots that will go longer with you. Don’t compromise on the quality even if it’s your favorite brand. 
  • Whatever, breeches or jodhpurs, you choose, it’s important to make sure that the footwear is aligned with your whole attire. 
  • Look specifically for the shoes/boots that have a solid sole. It’ll help you have a good grip while you’re in the saddle. 

Our top picks for you to shop: (a value bomb)  

If you’ve found your taste now according to the weather and your situation, you’re on the way to shopping. Right?

Remember, I said I’m here to help you so I’m gonna suggest some of my favorite choices to you. 

1. VESTRUM Winnipeg Rider Women's Breeches with Knee Grip

Jodhpurs Vs Breeches


  • Knee Grip: These breeches have knee gripping technology installed for better stability in the saddle
  • Elegance and Decency: The design, the look, the style, and the logo embroidery add a touch of decency - which creates a “Hallo Effect” around your personality
  • Options: It has 2 colors and multiple sizes.

  • 2. VESTRUM Lazise Knee Grip Women's Breeches With Pockets On The Back


    Jodhpurs Vs Breeches
  • High-waisted: These breeches are designed high-waisted
  • Perfect for long-lasting use
  • Four-way stretching fabric to make it comfortable for you

    3. VESTRUM Coblenza Women's Breeches with Full Grip

    Jodhpurs Vs Breeches
    • Full Grip - It can align your posture and maintain it with its knee-gripping technology
    • It’s not a product that’s going to be short-lived. It’ll have a longer journey with you. 


    The key differentiator between jodhpurs and breeches is their length and intended shoe difference. They’re much like the same thing but only a pro equestrian can understand the intricate details that differentiate both riding pants.